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Low Headroom Quick Close Device 2" track Sold as a Pair

  • Includes 1 RH & 1 LH bracket

Low Headroom Top Bracket 2" Residential

  • For residential door with 2" track

Super Sneaky Low Headroom Garage Door Hinge No Tabs Sold as a Pair

  • SSNT version designed to accommodate top panel struts. Eliminates troublesome & costly double track kits.
  • "No tab" design for doors with built-in or requiring a top panel strut
  • 100% effective in 6® headroom
  • Provides maximum headroom clearance & smooth operation .......more details

Super Sneaky Operator Extension Bracket

  • Improves installation safety
  • Extends operator rail travel length. Use a 7® rail for 7'6® - 8® tall doors
  • Saves extra 2® of headroom required by draw bar type operators
  • Pulls door clear of opening .......more details

Super Sneaky Low Headroom Top Bracket Sold as a Pair

  • Designed for use with low headroom standard lift automatic garage door installations
  • Eliminates the need for low headroom double track
  • Effective and easily doubled up for heavy commercial door applications
  • Replaces top fixture and uses existing roller .......more details

Low Headroom Quick Close Top Bracket - Pair

  • Allows the top door panel to turn quicker saving approx. 1-1/2" on total height.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Requires 2 rollers per bracket - rollers sold seperately.
  • For residential garage doors.