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LiftMaster MyQ Remote LED Light Sec+ 2.0

  • Easily mounts on ceiling or wall within 6 feet of a 120V electrical outlet.
  • Can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times through the MyQ App.
  • LED bulbs require no maintenance.
  • 1500 lumens - about 50% brighter than many standard LED lights ensures the garage is always bright. .......more details

LiftMaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller Second Generation

  • Enables smartphone control of most major brands of garage door opener with photoeyes.
  • Includes Wi-Fi hub and door sensor

LiftMaster Extra Door Sensor for 821LMB Second Generation

  • This add-on door sensor works with the MyQ Smart Garage Hub to monitor and control a second garage door opener.
  • This version of the MyQ door sensor is only compatible with the new MyQ Smart Garage Hub by LiftMaster Model 821LMB.
  • Installation and Programming is easy: Mount to inside top panel of garage door and add to an existing MyQ account through the MyQ app
  • Not compatible with MyQ Garage (821LM)

LiftMaster Safety Sensor Sunblocker Kit Works With 41A5034

  • This complete kit is used to shield sunlight and prevent accidental reversal of garage door from sunlight shinning directly into the safety sensors
  • Works with 41A5034
  • Same as: 041B0873 41B873

Marantec Deluxe Wall Control Panel w/ Light & Vacation Lock

  • This unit will work on any model Marantec garage door opener
  • Replaces part # 47307 65456 M3-543

LiftMaster Multi-Function Control Panel Wi-Fi

  • Push button for garage door operation
  • Program remote controls Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers and MyQ® enabled accessories directly from the control panel
  • Timer-to-Close feature automatically closes the garage door after a pre-programmed number of minutes - 1 5 or 10
  • Light run-time is 4 1/2 minutes with adjustable light timer option .......more details

LiftMaster Extra Door Sensor for 821LM First Generation

  • Liftmaster Chamberlain 041D7924-1
  • Required to add a second garage door opener to your 821LM MyQ Garage.
  • Works on the Liftmaster 821LM and Chamberlain MYQ-G0201
  • Compatible with: .......more details

Rough Service Bulb 75W


LiftMaster Smart Control Panel - DISCONTINUED

  • LCD screen displays the time and temperature along with other short messages regarding the status of the garage door opener system
  • Locks out all remote control radio signals while you are away
  • Motion detecting capability that automatically turns on the light when it detects movement
  • Compatiable with all 315 Mhz LiftMaster / Chamberlain garage door openers with Security radio .......more details

LiftMaster Laser Parking Assist

  • Works with Chamberlain (LiftMaster) Garage Door Openers
  • Easily connects with two wires to the photocell terminals of the opener
  • The Laser light turns on as you drive into the garage
  • Simply Adjust the light to a specific spot on the dash

LiftMaster Wire Channel for T-Rail 5ft Replaces 27LM

  • Plastic channel attaches to the T-rail
  • Hides up to 3 pairs of wire
  • Each piece is 5ft long
  • Box quantity of 100

LiftMaster Ceiling Mount ***Discontinued***

  • Designed to fit most standard garages
  • Black powder-coated finish hides wires and cords for a cleaner look
  • Mounts parallel or perpendicular to rail
  • Adjustable height to fit most ceilings .......more details

LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel with TTC Sec+ 2.0

  • Works with ANY Liftmaster Sears Chamberlain Access Master Master Mechanic Formula I True Value True Guard and Raynor Garage Door Opener Manufactured after 1998 using a amber / orange yellow or purple learn button.
  • Replaces existing control panel
  • Simple programming of new MyQ accessories and Security 2.0 remote controls and keyless entry products
  • Motion-activated opener light control .......more details

LiftMaster Remote Work Light

  • For use exclusively with the LiftMaster Wall Mount Garage Door Opener (model 8500)
  • Provides 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay
  • Lights are controlled by opener activation or control panel light button
  • Add as many lights as you wish - perfect for brightening up a dark garage or workspace

LiftMaster Remote Light Switch Sec+ 2.0

  • Controls lights remotely
  • Turn on lights in your garage yard or home with your garage door opener remote control
  • Use with LiftMaster Internet Gateway to control lights from smartphone or computer
  • Compatible only with Security.0 garage door openers and accessories enabled by MyQ technology

LiftMaster Remote Light Control Sec+ 2.0

  • Operate any lamp with your garage door opener remote control.
  • Operate from your computer or smartphone by using the Liftmaster Internet Gateway.
  • Compatible only with Security.0 garage door openers and MyQ technology accessories.

LiftMaster Internet Gateway Sec+ 2.0

  • Monitor and control your garage door opener from anywhere in the world right from your smartphone or computer
  • Easy and fast installation through your in home router.
  • Only works with new MyQ compatible Garage door openers
  • Controls up to 2 garage doors at once and up to 16 MyQ-Enabled devices.

LiftMaster Garage and Gate Monitor Sec+ 2.0

  • This innovative monitor lets you check and close the garage door or gate from any room in the house.
  • Green and Red LED lights indicate whether the garage door or gate is open or closed.
  • Volume controlled audible alert lets you know when the garage door or gate is being opened.
  • Able to monitor and close up to four garage doors or gates. .......more details

LiftMaster Wireless Control Panel

  • Wireless control panel for 315 MHz Chamberlain openers
  • For use as a secondary wall control panel only
  • Mounting hardware and batteries included (CR2032)
  • Auxiliary button to open/close 2nd garage door