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Fraba Air Wave Switch Only

  • Fraba DW3S-200 air switch only

LiftMaster Option Board for L4 L5

  • Works in conjunction with Logic 4 & Logic 5 to provide seven field-selectable modifications
  • Including six door traffic control options
  • A means to connect External Open & Close limits by using a selectable DIP switch
  • Controls both 24V & 110V traffic lights .......more details

Fraba Wireless Air Wave Switch Transmitter Only

  • Includes transmitter DWTR-200 433 Mhz only

Strobe light Xenon Amber 12-110V DC

  • IP Protection: IP56
  • -30 degree celsius to 50 degree celsius extreme temperature reliability
  • small format only 2.5" wide

EMX Ultra Sonic Vehicle Detector

  • The USVD-4X Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor uses patent pending Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to detect the presence of a vehicle.
  • The USVD handles any drive thru operation such as fast food banking pharmacies car washes and parking garages.
  • The USVD is simply mounted on a post or order box and aimed at the location where a vehicle would pass to initiate a transaction. No set-up or adjustments required.
  • Aux. relay settings for pulse on ENTRY EXIT or BOTH .......more details

BEA Industrial Sensor Dual Technology Presence Detection BEA-10IS40

  • Combines Microwave Motion Detection with Infrared Presence Detection
  • Bidirectional unidirectional approach and unidirectional depart microwave detection options. Six modes of detection filtering and 9 uniqueinfrared patterns for highliy flexible presence detection.
  • Up to 7 minimum object targets
  • Adjustable infrared immunity modes to mitigate environmental disturbances (vibrations light and sun) .......more details

Miller Edge Air Wave Switch in NEMA 4 Enclosure

  • Works on doors up to 60ft in length
  • Normally open or Normally closed operation
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Release valve for pressure and temperature compensation .......more details

LiftMaster Black Coil Cord 4-Wire 18-ga 20 ft. Extended Curly Cord


Push Button Station 3-btn Surface Mount French Nema 1 Metal Housing


Devanco Loop 4' x 16' saw-cut 50' lead-in

  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure accurate detection our Pre-formed loops come with a 50 foot twisted lead-in ware and available lead-in lengths up to 500 feet.
  • Ideal for use on existing asphalt or concrete surfaces
  • Features a non spliced continuous wire throughout loop turns and lead-in.
  • requires the use of loop sealer when being installed to ensure long lasting trouble-free detection

LiftMaster Reflector with Support Housing

  • Replacement reflector for the CPS-RPEN4 photo-eyes

Miller Edge MU33 2-Wire Right Hand Yellow - Sold per Foot

  • MU style bumpers are designed for use with aircraft hanger doors and large specialty doors.
  • Must specify the exact length in feet and inches when ordering.
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Sensitivity: nominal 8-13 ibf

Carlo Gavazzi Transmitter and Receiver Thru Beam Kit 20m Range

  • Kit includes PC50CNT20RI and PC50CNT20RP
  • Operates on 12-240 VDC and 24-240 VAC supply voltage.
  • The PC50CNT20R has a 3 amp relay output
  • Adjustable sensitivity modulated infrared light make and break (light/dark) switching function LED indications for output ON signal stability and supply ON .......more details

Fraba Air Wave Switch Larger Housing

  • Fraba DW3S-300 air switch 10008797-2
  • Normally Open Contact (NOC)
  • Screw Type Connector
  • Dimensions: 158x60x39 mm (6.22" x 2.36" x 1.54 '') .......more details

LiftMaster Release Keys for LA400 & LA500


Miller Edge Black Right Hand Outlet 2-Wire 2" wide x 1-1/2" high Sold by the Foot

  • Pressure sensitive electric edge designed to fit most sectional doors
  • Soft ends
  • Coil Cord attached Retracting reel
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally .......more details

LiftMaster Monitored Through Beam Photo Eye Nema 4X ** To exent of inventory

  • Meets 2016 UL 325 requirements
  • Long Range powerful beam provides reliable performance.
  • Sensing distance up to 90 ft.
  • Anti-Fogging Lens .......more details

Miller Edge Yellow Right Hand Outlet 2-Wire 2" wide x 1-1/2" high Sold by the Foot

  • Pressure sensitive electric edge designed to fit most sectional doors
  • Soft ends
  • Coil Cord attached Retracting reel
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally .......more details

Miller Edge Air-Wave Edge Black Sold per Foot

  • This pressure sensitive air-wave edge can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • When touch activated the MAW123 sends an immediate pulse of air through the extrusion to an air-wave switch which sends a signal to controls to stop and/or reverse operations.
  • It has been designed to fit most doors with double track bottom retainers.
  • With appropriate mounting channel this edge will fit nearly all doors from 11/2" to 2" thick. .......more details

Miller Edge Wireless Air Wave Switch Transmitter/Receiver Kit

  • AW14-RF is the AW14 air wave switch with a transmitter embedded within the switch enclosure and the receiver wires into the operator.
  • There is no need to hardwire coil cords or retracting reels which saves installation time and improves visual aesthetics.
  • The AW-14-RF-K10 switch kit includes a MRF-01 receiver which is wired to the motor controls.
  • Battery is included # CR2032