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Overhead Logic Board 3/4 - 1 HP 3PH SX/HX UL

  • For RHX commercial ops. 3/4-1 Hp 3- phase operators

LiftMaster EMI Board

  • This is a replacement EMI Board. Compatible with LiftMaster® Model HCT Overhead Gate Operators

LiftMaster Power Board 3ph 575V L5

  • This is a 3PH/L5 Power Board 575V Replacement Kit. Compatible with various LiftMaster® 3 Phase Logic 5.0 Commercial Door Operators; equipped with current sense

LiftMaster Control Board RSL12V/RSW12V


LiftMaster FDCL Receiver Logic Board with Battery Rev 500

  • Replacement kit charging circuit board firmware and battery for FDCL

LiftMaster Control Board Autogate

  • Replacement control board used in various Autogate Operators.
  • Autogate is a gate operator manufacturer that utilizes LiftMaster control boards in their operators
  • Formally AG001

LiftMaster Main Control Board Linear Actuators for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: LA500U LA400U LA412U

Manaras Replacement Circuit Board (No Monitoring)

  • Control board for BOARD065

LiftMaster Expansion Board UL325

  • Compatible with various LiftMaster® DC Swing and Slide Gate Operators; manufactured after 2016.
  • This board is backwards compatible for older second generation units but will require UL325 Entrapment Protection System and Photoelectric Sensors or Edge Sensors.

LiftMaster Main Drive Board 1 Ph


Doorlec DC-2000 Electronic Circuit Board for Constant Pressure Close

  • Works in all Doorlec model openers except R-99
  • Input power to board is 120V
  • 24V DC available on terminals 9 & 11
  • Accessory power on terminals 1 & 11 .......more details

Micanan Full Feature Circuit Board with Contactor Interface Non-Monitored 575V (MK00737)

  • For all HP - 575V all voltages 1.5 2 3 & 5HP

LiftMaster Main Board DC Pad Mount for UL325

  • This replacement board is compatible with the following models: CSW24U CSL24U RSW12U and RSL12U

Micanan Smart 10.0 Full Feature Circuit Board Non-Monitored with 5 Relays (MK00736)

  • For 1/3 1/2 and 3/4 Hp - 110/220V 1p 230V 3p
  • Board has 5 relays

LiftMaster Control Board for RSL12V / RSW12V


Manaras Replacement Board Kit (Monitoring)


LiftMaster Logic Board AC


LiftMaster Elite Dual Motor Circuit Board Q171

  • Old style fits SL3000 CSW 200 with Q019 boards only

LiftMaster Logic 5 Board Kit with Current Sense- 1Ph & 3Ph L5

  • The K001D8395 is a 1 Phase and 3 Phase L5 logic board replacement kit.
  • This kit is compatible with LiftMaster® 3 Phase Commercial Door Operators manufactured after April 2016 only.
  • This L5 logic board is equipped with current sense.
  • All 3 Phase operators made after April 2016 will require this board.

Lynx 6000 Commercial Logic Board

  • Replacement logic board for Lynx commercial operators built from 2002 through 2005
  • Will not work for the ALDJ Model (Light Duty)