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Coupler Love-Joy for Overhead Door


Genie Traveler Assembly for Screw Drive

  • Fits model 3060 L/M
  • Replaces: 25589R 25589S 25589C 20414R 34107R 20073R & 24357R

Genie Garage Door Opener LED Bulb LEDB1-R 1/Pkg

  • Unlike other LED and CFL bulbs this bulb will reduce or eliminate radio frequency interference
  • Uses 10 watts but equivalent to a 60-watt bulb
  • Works with almost all garage door openers
  • Lasts up to 25000 hours .......more details

Overhead Logic Board 3/4 - 1 HP 3PH SX/HX UL

  • For RHX commercial ops. 3/4-1 Hp 3- phase operators

Overhead Limit Module


Overhead Door Serpentine V-Belt for Rolling Steel Door

  • Serpentine belt for Rolling Steel Door
  • Fits Genie GCL-T Trolley operator
  • Some Overhead drawbar models: JST RSX RMX

Genie Sprocket Bushing

  • For Genie Chain Drive or Belt Drive Channel Rails.
  • Fits the following models: PMX700 PMX1200 GPS00-IC GPS1200-IC

Genie Magnetic Close Down Limit Switch Assembly 138"

  • For Chain Glide models

Overhead Door Bottom Astrigal Rubber for Rolling Steel Doors Sold by the Foot


Overhead Poly Type V- Belt for Old RG 32"


Overhead Door Ribbed Air Tubing 1" Sold by the Foot

  • Rubber tubing

Genie Non-Configured Circuit Board

  • Replaces the following models: 38001R1.S 38001R2.S 38001R3.S 38001R4.S 38513R.S 38514R.S 37470R1.S 37470R2.S 37470R3.S 37470R4.S 38334R1.S 38334R2.S 38334R3.S 38334R4.S
  • Compatible with Series II Controls and comes with only the circuit board
  • In order for this kit to function properly it is important that customers know the model of their opener.
  • If unsure as to what resistor needs to be remove refer to the instructions that came with the unit

Overhead Brake Band Kit for RMX

  • Brake band kit for the Overhead Door RMX commercial operator.

Genie Screw Drive Coupler

  • This coupler only works on the following models manufactured after June 2011.
  • TriloG 1200 (3064) TriloG 1500 (4064)
  • PowerMax 1200 (3062) PowerMax 1500 (4062)
  • GPower 900 (2564) .......more details

Genie Powerhead Mounting Flange

  • Mounting bracket connects the powerhead to the rail assembly.
  • A tongue on the flange fits into the bearing block assembly on the rail to keep it in place.
  • Fits TriloG PowerLift GPower and PowerMax Operators

Overhead Serpentine V- Belt for JST 26"

  • Overhead Door commercial garage door opener serpentine belt 108135-0003 included in the "speed-up" kit for sidemount only
  • Type "J" 26"

Genie Washer

  • Drive shaft washer for PMX500

Genie Bushing

  • Drive shaft bushing on PMX500

Genie Control Board 6-Terminal

  • Replaces board # 34514R # 20380R
  • 36190S.S is a six terminal board for use primarily with ML Chain Glide devices.
  • Replacement board for Chain Drive models: IC250B PMX300 PMX500 ICB and 496.696 CD/B
  • Replacement board for Chain Glide models: GCG350 GCG350L GCG350M PCG400 PCG450 PCG500ML PCG600 PCG650 H2000C OCG510 OCG550 OCG600ML OCG710 and OCG800ML

Genie Belt and Bullet Assembly 8ft

  • For use on 8 ft doors
  • Compatible with the following:
  • SilentMax 1200 (Model 4042) 1000 (Model 3042) 750 (Model 3055) 550 (Model 2055)
  • ReliaG 650 (Model 1028) 850 (Model 2028) .......more details