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Molded Rubber Bumper Black 13" L x 10" W 4" Projection 2-Hole Sold Individually

  • Manufactured from reinforced prime rubber
  • Rectangular horizontal mount
  • 4-1/2" depth
  • Ideal for light traffic loading docks. .......more details

Linear Limit Nut

  • Used on various Linear Gate operators

Linear Battery Backup Unit for LDCO800 Models

  • Easily integrates with all Linear LDCO800 Garage Door Operators
  • Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
  • Delivers smooth efficient power in the event of a power failure
  • Compact kit contains all necessary installation/mounting hardware .......more details

Special ends 2018-09-14

LiftMaster Res. Jackshaft BBU Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for the easiest way to connect the garage.
  • MyQ mobile app lets users receive alerts and control the opener from anywhere.
  • MyQ Remote LED light can be placed anywhere to provide bright maintenance-free illumination.
  • Wall-mount design and quiet DC motor eliminate noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provides smooth operation. .......more details

Special ends 2018-09-14

LiftMaster Premium 1/2HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi with extra remote (893LM) and keypad (877LM)

  • Built-In Wi-Fi® for the easiest way to connect the garage.
  • P3 Motors®®®are specifically built for use in Garage Door Openers providing reliable durable and powerful performance.
  • 1/2 HP AC Motor is purposefully designed and built to last.
  • Belt Drive system for quiet maintenance-free performance. .......more details

Heddolf Long Range Receiver 433 MHz

  • Up to 1500ft range
  • Compatible with EX220-1K

Whiting Dual-Spring Shaft 96" for Whiting Roll-Up Doors

  • Constructed of 1" outside diameter heavy-duty steel tubing
  • Holes pre-drilled
  • Cross Reference: For Whiting # 2376 balancer

Marantec Synergy 380 Residential Opener 1.1 HPCS Head Only

  • Equipped with over 1 HPCS of pull and push force
  • Ideal opener for large and heavy applications like carriage house doors or large wind-loaded doors
  • 315MHz 2-channel remote control is included. Multi-bit code technology ensures interference free performance
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop functionality is reducing wear and tear on the operator system garage door and hardware .......more details

Special ends 2018-09-14

LiftMaster Belt Drive DC Battery Backup Operator Wi-Fi with extra remote (893MAX) and keypad (877MAX)

  • 12V DC motor with integrated battery Backup
  • Includes battery 485LM
  • 2-100W lights
  • Electronic Travel Setting and Auto Force .......more details

Wayne Dalton Wired Infrared Safety Sensors

  • Beam sensor kit for all Wayne Dalton Quantum Classic Drive idrive Doormaster Wizard and Prodrive garage door opener models.
  • Parts no. 260597 260600 same as part numbers 157165 157166 318873 252118
  • Includes: Sensors with wires Mounting brackets Fasteners and Instructions

Skylink Safety Beam Sensor Kit

  • For use with Skylink garage door openers.
  • Includes One Emitter and One Receiver Module.
  • Install the Safety Beam Sensor Kit to the bottom of the track.
  • When an object blocks the Invisible Infrared Beam the descent of the door will stop and reverse. .......more details

LiftMaster 3-btn Dip-Style Transmitter Sec+ 2.0

  • Encrypted DIP style three-button remote control with Security.0 technology
  • Ideal for applications such as gated communities or commercial applications requiring a large number of remotes for a common entrance
  • Easy to code 12-position DIP switch offers up to 4096 codes
  • May also be programmed for Open/Close/Stop functionality .......more details

Special ends 2018-09-14

LiftMaster Belt Drive DC Battery Backup Operator Wi-Fi with extra remote (893MAX) and keypad (877MAX)

  • 12V DC motor with integrated battery Backup
  • Includes battery 485LM
  • 2-100W lights
  • Electronic Travel Setting and Auto Force .......more details

Micanan 3/4HP 575V 3P Trolley Operator with Brake - Contactor

  • Designed for use on commercial / industrial sectional overhead doors with standard lift tracks.
  • #41 roller chain on 3/4 HP models

Molded Rubber Bumper Black 18" L x 8" W x 18" 4" Projection 4-Hole Sold Individually

  • Manufactured from reinforced prime rubber
  • Rectangular horizontal mount
  • Ideal for light traffic loading docks.
  • Perfect protection for in-plant wall protection from forklifts and other material handling vehicles molded bumpers will not warp rust rot or harden. .......more details

Rodent Shield 2 x 8" x 1" Strips Peel and Stick Sold in Pairs

  • Prevents damage to garage door side seals due to gnawing rodents
  • Made of high quality stainless steel so it will not rust
  • Invisible from the exterior. Installs on the inside of weather strip - no painting or covering is required.
  • Easy installation. No tools required just peel and stick .......more details

Torsion Spring .234 x 2" x 12ft RH Blue/White

  • Wire size: .234
  • Inside diameter: 2"
  • Length: 12 ft

Micanan Roller Chain #41 45 Pitch Drive with Link

  • Length: 4 ft

LiftMaster Door Control Bell Button for Sec+ 2.0

  • Controls garage door operation and opener lights
  • Easy and fast programming
  • Compatible with Security 2.0 and MyQ remotes and accessories

End Stile Latch 7-1/2" Lockbar Length

  • Lockbar Length: 7-1/2"
  • Throw: 2-1/8" Use with: Lockbar or End Stile
  • Centerline Distance (key spindle to handle shaft): 2-3/4".
  • Handle in Bright Chrome Finish Latch in Bright Zinc Plated steel.

Cones 3-3/4" Factory Installed (Pair) 1-1/4" bore

  • For do-it-yourself installation use part no. SF375-114

Linear GTO Digital Keypad (Wired or Wirelss)

  • As a wired keypad it can operate garage door openers and gate openers that require 24 volts or less and accept normally open contacts.
  • As a wireless keypad it can be used with any gate or garage door opener that receives a 318 MHz RF signal.
  • The keypad must be used in conjunction with the GTO garage door receiver kit (part # RB709) on any other garage door.
  • You may program up to 25 different personal entry codes allowing you to give different entry codes to different users .......more details

Skylink Wireless Keyless Entry

  • The Keyless Entry System is compatible with all Skylink Garage Door Openers.
  • Back-Lit keypad makes it easy to see the numbers even in the dark.
  • Weather-proof cover protects the keypad from wet and windy weather conditions.
  • Passcode Lock Timeout - Keypad will automatically lock for 10 minutes after ten incorrect passcode attempts. .......more details

Truck Door Reefer Bottom Roller Bracket Assembly for Whiting Style Doors

  • Steel construction Black E-coat finish
  • Consist of roller clamp wear plate stud plate and 5/16" lock nuts
  • Stainless steel studs and nuts
  • Cross ref: 5600

Exterior 3-Wire Air Switch SPDT with Plastic Housing Mosley

  • Nema 4
  • 3-wire air switch; 1-NO and 1-NC contact
  • Mosley

Decorative Locking L-Handle with 2 Keys

  • Black powder coated zinc with crinkle finish
  • 90 degree handle rotation
  • Blind mount installation 3.62" stem
  • Includes 2 keys and shaft clip

Truck Door Handle Keeper Only for Whiting Roll-Up Doors

  • Steel construction Black E-coat finish.
  • Keeper accomodates padlocks and trailer seals
  • Cross Reference: W #2766

Cable 3/16" 6x19 Galvanized Fiber Core 500ft

  • For high-speed doors
  • 3/16®®® 6x19 galvanized
  • Polypropylene core to help prevent wear and increase flexibility
  • High life cycle wire rope for rapid doors .......more details

Genie Series II Wall Console

  • Three-function wall console with backlit panel that is easy to locate in the dark.
  • Sure-Lock mode allows you to lock-out the keypad and remotes for extra security at night or while on vacation
  • When Sure-Lock®®® is ON and the garage door is in the fully closed position the powerhead cannot be activated by the wall console or a remote.
  • Same as GBWCSL2-BX

LiftMaster 3-btn Transmitter Security+ 2.0

  • Can be used as a replacement remote control for 80 Series 970 Series and 370 Series LiftMaster remote controls.
  • Compatible with 315 MHz or 390 MHz garage door openers manufactured after January 1 1993.
  • For use with gate operators commercial door operators or other products that are 315 MHz or 390 MHz and have a Learn Button.
  • Same as Chamberlain 953EV

Micanan 3/4HP 208V 1P Heavy-Duty Jackshaft with Mechanical Contactor Right Hand

  • PRO-HHD is designed for use on large industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift track
  • Also suited for rolling doors and grilles
  • Incudes chain hoist
  • Optional transmitter (MK00653) NOT included

Micanan Explosion Proof Gearhead 1/2HP 115V with Intrinsically Safe Package

  • Intrinsically safe package MK-00157 included on operator
  • N7/N9 explosion proof modification included on operator
  • Left-hand mounting

Quick Roller Change Tool

  • Provides a fast and easy way to replace rollers on a standard residential garage door
  • Change up to 10 rollers in under 4 minutes
  • Includes extractor and inserter

Micanan 1/2HP 220V 1P Trolley Operator with Brake N1 Eyes Monitored ECB

  • Designed for use on commercial / industrial sectional overhead doors with standard lift tracks.
  • #410 roller chain on 1/2 HP models
  • Monitored board

Devanco Harsh Environment Lubricant and Protector 340g Aerosol

  • HELP Provides Lubrication and Protection of All Metal Surfaces in Harsh Corrosive Environments
  • Ideal for Barns Salt Sheds Car Washes
  • Coating Action Lubricates and Ensures Moisture is Displaced and Prevents Further Moisture Intrusion
  • Not Water Soluble - Will Not Dry Up or Flake .......more details

Capacitor 220/250VAC 53-64MFD

  • Motor start capacitor for 1/3 & 1/2HP garage door openers
  • Same as part number 219110
  • Dimensions: 1.810" D x 3.38" H x 0.50" C

Marantec Deluxe Wall Control Panel w/ Light & Vacation Lock

  • This unit will work on any model Marantec garage door opener
  • Replaces part # 47307 65456 M3-543

Safety Inertia Brake 1" Bore

  • Provides a bearing to support the shaft and prevent the fall of a door if sudden acceleration occurs.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial use; specifically with rolling shutters and balanced and well maintained rolling doors.
  • Fully resettable and reusable after lockout ocurrs.
  • Commonly paired with commercial safety bottom brackets in sectional door applications. .......more details

Linear Delta-3 Wireless Keyless Entry 310 MHz

  • Activates multiple Delta-3 receivers
  • 1-8 digit PIN
  • Backlit keys for easy viewing
  • Mounting hardware supplied .......more details

Ambassador 3001 1-Button Transmitter ***Replaced by DR & DT

  • Open/Close remote for 1 door
  • Can be substituted with Allstar at 311 MHz however change the #9 dip switch to negative.

Vinyl Seal 4" Bottom Bead End 1/8" Bead Black - sold per foot


Chain Hoist Wall Mount 4:1 2000R Torque Force

  • 4:1 Reduced drive
  • Sprocket: 41B36 Bore: 1"
  • Includes: 26ft of hand chain 1/4" square key chain keeper and 3.6ft of #41 roller chain included with sprocket wheels.
  • Cross Reference: 2000R OMI 4006

Genie Garage Door Opener LED Bulb LEDB1-R 1/Pkg

  • Unlike other LED and CFL bulbs this bulb will reduce or eliminate radio frequency interference
  • Uses 10 watts but equivalent to a 60-watt bulb
  • Works with almost all garage door openers
  • Lasts up to 25000 hours .......more details

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board

  • This circuit board works with Security openers with no light socket.
  • Same as 41A5021-1I

Chain Hoist Wall Mount 4:1 2000R 4006

  • 4:1 Reduced drive
  • Sprocket: 41B36 Bore: 1"
  • Includes: 26ft of hand chain 1/4" square key chain keeper and 3.6ft of #41 roller chain included with sprocket wheels.
  • Cross Reference: 2000R OMI 4006

Chain Hoist Shaft Mount 4:1 JR 4020 Torque Force

  • Shaft Mounted Junior Hoist
  • 4:1 Reduced Drive
  • Sprocket: 41B36. Bore size: 1" diameter
  • Cross Reference: OMI 4020 .......more details

Industrial Duty Rolling Steel Non-Insulated Service Door

  • 22 gauge
  • Max size: 18'4" max std. width 20'4" max std. height
  • Slate type: Curved
  • Finishes: Gray White Tan Brown or Galvanized .......more details

Perforated Angle 1-1/4" x 10 ft 16 g Red

  • 10 pieces of 10ft per bundle.

LiftMaster Single Button Control Mod. Field Kit Mod. Logic

  • Field service mod. for adding single button feature to medium duty logic operators

Xcluder Rodent Block 3" Black Sold per Foot

  • For commercial and residential applications
  • Creates a tough barrier that is virtually impenetrable to rodents

ELMON Safety Relay Rail 34-32 230VAC/24VAC/DC 1-Channel w/Testsignal

  • For DIN-rail mounting

Domino Universal Keyless Entry Wired

  • One "NO" contact
  • Conveniently mounts to the side of the garage door jamb
  • Will work with almost all garage door openers
  • Battery 9V included

LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock

  • **Discount of $30.00 only if purchased with an 8550W-267(485) or 8360W** August 14 2017 - September 15 2017
  • Automatic operation performs in tandem with the opener so it always locks and unlocks.
  • Anywhere assurance smartphone monitoring with the MyQ® App means homeowners always know that the garage is secure
  • Absolute protection the automatic deadbolt lock makes the garage door virtually impenetrable .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Polarized Retro-Reflective Sensor

  • Range: 40 feet (12m)
  • Modulated invisible light polarized
  • LED- indication for target detected
  • NO and NC output .......more details

LiftMaster Vibration Isolator Kit

  • Isolates vibration between operator head and mounting surface
  • Kit contains 2 isolators
  • Can be used with any garage door opener brand

Laminated Bumper Black 6" Projection Vertical Installation 20" x 11" Sold Individually

  • For use in low to medium traffic loading docks in factories and warehouses.
  • Can be used as rub rails at the sides of truck wells
  • Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from recycled truck tires.
  • Rubber pads laminated between steel angles and secured with 3/4®®® rods .......more details

LiftMaster Safety Sensor Mounting Kit

  • Replacement brackets only for 41A4373A safety eyes

LiftMaster Industrial-Duty Jackshaft 3/4 HP 115/230V 1Ph L5

  • Doors used with this operator should be balanced with the ability to be manually lifted by hand in an emergency or power outage.
  • The operators are typically mounted to the wall when used with smaller sectional overhead doors with a vertical or high lift and mounted to the wall or the front of the hood when used with rolling doors and grilles.
  • J operators are attached to the door jackshaft to indirectly drive the door
  • MyQ® Technology enables you to securely monitor and control your facility operator and lights with your smartphone tablet or computer for greater peace of mind. .......more details

EMX Industries Plug-in Loop Detector for Liftmaster operators

  • Plug-in Loop detector for SL575 SL585 SL595 BG770 BG 79024VAC
  • Works with most LiftMaster gate operators
  • Won't work with Elite Series Mega Arm Slide & Swing
  • Simply plug it into the harness already in the operator .......more details

Wayne Dalton T-Style Weather Seal Sold per Foot

  • Used on garage doors and mini storage doors
  • T = 7/16" wide ®®® .438 Bulb is 7/8" x 7/8"

LiftMaster Premium Series 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi

  • P3®®® Motors from LiftMaster® are reliable durable and powerful ®®® designed specifically for your needs.
  • Security 2.0®®® ®®® with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens only for you.
  • PosiLock® locks down your garage door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening.
  • Alert-2-Close warning system provides audible and visual warnings when the garage door is about to close when using MyQ Technology. .......more details

LiftMaster Wireless Control Panel Security+2.0

  • For use with Security 2.0 garage door openers that have a yellow Learn button.
  • The wireless control panel can be used as a secondary device to open & close the garage door and to turn on & off the lights on the opener.

LiftMaster Universal Receiver Sec+ 2.0

  • Designed for both gated communities and commercial buildings.
  • Innovative and esclusive narrow band multi-frequency radio which virtually eliminates radio interference and eliminates customer call backs due to poor range performance.
  • Three channels provide expanded remote control capacity: Channel 1 - 50 remotes Channel 2 - 20 remotes Channel 3 - 20 remotes
  • Multiple remote control options available to provide secure access from the safety and convenience of a vehicle .......more details

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly 41A5685

  • Assembly includes: Circuit board end panel and light socket
  • For belt drive units with two lights such as 3850C
  • Same as 41A5685

Bearing 1" Commercial with Flanged Retainer Football Style

  • 1" Commercial bearing pressed in a Flanged Retainer Football Style
  • Type: Steel Bore: 1"
  • Inner Race Offest: 13/64"
  • Rated Load Cycles: 250 lb @ 10000 cycles (8')

LiftMaster Control Board with Heat Sink CSL24V & CSL24VH

  • Control board for CSL24V and CSL24VH gate operators
  • 014D1058M

Micanan 1/2HP 208V 1P Hoist Operator N1 Eyes Monitored ECB Left Hand

  • Continuous duty belt drive jackshaft operator with emergency chain hoist
  • Full function Smart 10.0 Logic control board featuring on-board receiver with antenna
  • Nema 1 photoeyes included
  • Solenoid brake OPTIONAL

Chain Hoist Jack Shaft JRG V2 1" Shaft Torque Force

  • Jack Shaft Mounting plastic guide 4.5:1 reduction
  • Gear drive
  • Fits 3-3/8" minimum offset
  • Includes: 26' of galvanized hand chain - doors higher than 15' require additional hand chain .......more details

Genie Motor Start Capacitor 220V 70MFD (37954R)

  • Compatible with most Genie 1/2 HP model garage door openers

Micanan 1/2HP 115V 1P Commercial Trolley Operator Contactor Model

  • Designed for use on commercial doors with standard lift tracks that require no more than 15 cycles per hour
  • Trolley track for door up to 12ft standard upcharge for 14' & 16'
  • Door speed 9 inches per second

LiftMaster Control Board Autogate

  • Replacement control board used in various Autogate Operators.
  • Autogate is a gate operator manufacturer that utilizes LiftMaster control boards in their operators
  • Formally AG001

Genie Screw Drive Coupler

  • This coupler only works on the following models manufactured after June 2011.
  • TriloG 1200 (3064) TriloG 1500 (4064)
  • PowerMax 1200 (3062) PowerMax 1500 (4062)
  • GPower 900 (2564) .......more details

LiftMaster Adjustable Door Bracket 30/box ** No Longer Available **

  • This versatile product is designed to help lift garage doors in a wide range of sizes and is available to order in bulk packaging.
  • With 30 brackets in one low-priced box this product offers a cost-effective solution for dealers who want all their garage door solutions in one single order.
  • Bulk case of 30 brackets
  • Adjustable for 18" - 24" door sections .......more details

Marantec New Wireless Keyless Entry 315 MHz 104053

  • Will replace the older model M3-631 (104053) keyless entry.
  • New model features 4 inputs 99 valet codes
  • Lockable sliding door programming connector no longer required
  • Every key lights up closes door without passcode .......more details

LiftMaster 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive

  • Comes with 1 891LM remote and 1 882LM multifunction control panel
  • Compatible with the Internet Gateway (828LM)
  • 1/2 HP AC motor with industrial-strength chain drive provides steady performance and lifting power.
  • Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode. .......more details

LiftMaster Commercial Protector System Eyes

  • For LiftMaster Logic 2 3 4 & 5 commercial operators only
  • NOT for outdoor applications
  • Allows activation of the timer-to-close
  • Mounting hardware included .......more details

LiftMaster 12' Sash Chain Pack with Keyring

  • Common disconnect chain

LiftMaster 1/2 HP 120 Volt Medium Duty Jackshaft Operator

  • 1/2 HP 115 volt 1 phase medium-duty hoist operator
  • Logic board with integral 315 MHz radio receiver for Open/Close or Open/Stop/Close
  • CPSU commercial photoeyes included ( Nema 4 optional)
  • 4L V-Belt #48 drive chain adjustable friction clutch .......more details

AWID Long Range Metal Mount Tag

  • For use with LR-2000 and LR-3000 readers
  • Operating temperatures from -58®®F to 185®®F (-50®®C to ®®C)
  • Reading Distance up to 25 feet
  • Battery not needed passive tag .......more details

Exterior 3-Btn O/C/S Control Station Nema 4

  • Surface mount
  • Metal enclosure
  • Not CSA approved
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 2-3/4" W x 3-1/2" D

Fasteners Lag Screw Hex Washer Regular Profile 5/16" x 1-5/8" 325/Bag

  • 7/16" head

Wayne Dalton Thermospan 150 Bottom Steel Panel with Retainer and Astragal White

  • Polyurethane insulation R-Value*=14.16
  • Max Width 26®®®2®®®
  • 1-3/8®®® Section Thickness
  • Patented roll-formed integral struts for rigidity .......more details

Micanan Electronic Circuit Board Monitored

  • Replacement board for PRO-LH (50-11)
  • Board has terminals P1 & P2

Contact Cleaner 340g

  • Powerfull multi purpose contact cleaner and degreaser
  • Able to penetrate difficult to reach areas.
  • Cleans carbon deposits.
  • Removes dirt grease and other contaminants. .......more details

LiftMaster Extension Brackets for Snappy Sensors 41A5034

  • Brackets used with Snappy Sensors 41A5034

LiftMaster Single Channel Co-axial Radio Receiver 4 Wire 390MHz

  • 390MHz universal coaxial receiver for Open/Close
  • Will accept 15 remotes on "High Security" or 31 remotes on "Normal security"
  • 8" wire antenna included (part #41C3196)
  • Input voltage 12-24V AC/DC

LiftMaster 3-btn Security+ Transmitter 390MHz - DISCONTINUED

  • 390 MHz Secruty three button visor tranmsitter
  • Compatible with Security systems including Chamberlain Sears Craftsman and Raynor Openers (Safety Signal) manufactured 1997-2005
  • Visor clip and battery included (part # CR2032)
  • Same as 973LM 96LM 953CB 956CB .......more details

LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel with TTC Sec+ 2.0

  • Works with ANY Liftmaster Sears Chamberlain Access Master Master Mechanic Formula I True Value True Guard and Raynor Garage Door Opener Manufactured after 1998 using a amber / orange yellow or purple learn button.
  • Replaces existing control panel
  • Simple programming of new MyQ accessories and Security 2.0 remote controls and keyless entry products
  • Motion-activated opener light control .......more details

LiftMaster Heavy-Duty Swing Gate Operator 1 HP 115V 1P - Heater Not Included

  • The LiftMaster® SW 490 delivers powerful performance for high cycle heavy industrial swing gate applications.
  • This hefty design supports gate lengths up to 22 ft. and gate weights up to 1000 lbs.
  • Utilizing a weather-resistant powdercoated steel enclosure a wormgear reduction drive and high-starting torque motor the SW 490 offers you years of reliable and powerful performance.
  • This model is ideal for demanding industrial applications and is fully UL325-compliant .......more details

Linear Complete Hardware Kit for LDO LSO LCO

  • Includes all the hardware needed to install the operator in its entirety.
  • Includes the rail hardware (door bracket and header bracket) and hardware for installing the safety beams.

Truck Door Aluminum Trailer Patch 6" x 12"

  • Adhesive back adheres to a wide variety of material easily covering holes or other blemishes on trailers.
  • Forms a shock resistant watertight seal.
  • Painted white

LiftMaster 1-btn Security+ Transmitter 390MHz

  • 390 MHz Security single button visor remote
  • Compatible with Security systems with Amber learn button including Chamberlain Sears Craftsman and Raynor code rolling residential openers (Safety Signal) manuifactured 1997-2005
  • Visor clip and Lithium battery included (part #CR2032)
  • Same as 971LM 91LM 950CB

LiftMaster Light Duty Jackshaft Door Op. for Sectional Doors

  • Ideal for smaller/lighter commercial doors with light duty cycle requirements
  • MyQ Technology Built-In Wi-Fi Real-Time Alerts
  • Smooth Start/Stop
  • Optional Accesories 827LM MyQ Remote LED light 485LM Battery Back-up 841LM Automatic Door Lock 480LMB Alternate Mounting Kit and LC-36A Light Curtain .......more details

Sensor Guards Sold as a Pair

  • Made to fit over garage door sensors
  • Will fit over most popular sensor brands
  • Protects sensors from coming out of alignment
  • Helps protect against water corrosion .......more details

Cut-to-Length Torsion Spring .306 x 2" Right Hand Wound

  • Priced per inch
  • For factory installed cones priced seperately - use part no. C-200-INSTALLED

Cut-to-Length Torsion Spring .207 x 1-3/4" Left Hand Wound Coated

  • Priced per inch - cones sold seperately
  • For factory installed cones use part no. C-134-INSTALLED

Lynx Wireless Wall Station AD455 372 MHz

  • Wireless for easy installation anywhere
  • Controls door open-close light on-off
  • Programmable pet opening (Opens to a pre-selected height of 6"-30")
  • Vacation Slide-Lock: Disables remote transmitters keyless entries and wall stations. .......more details

Special ends 2018-09-14

LiftMaster Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

  • MyQ technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener and houselights with your smartphone tablet or computer
  • Alerts can be received as email or pop-up (push) notifications on your mobile device so that you always know the status of your garage door and houselights
  • MyQ mobile app is a free download requiring no annual activation fee
  • Wall mount design with an ultra-quiet 3/4 HP soft start-soft stop DC electric motor .......more details

Push Button Control Station 3-Button Surface Mount NEMA 4/12

  • Open/Close/Stop allows complete control of the door.
  • Compatible with all commercial door operators.
  • NEMA 4 4X 12 13
  • Outdoor surface mount station with polycarbonate enclosure.