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Micanan Nema 4/12 Modification

  • This modification provides a TEFC motor N4/12 watertight/oiltight control enclosure waterproof drive and limit chain and a watertight/oiltight three-button station.

Micanan Jackshaft with Auxiliary Trolley Assembly 14' High Door #41 Drive Chain

  • Provides an auxiliary trolley assembly where otherwise a jackshaft operator may be preferred
  • Operator must be supplied with reversed limits
  • For models: PRO-J H HHD GH GHC

Micanan Timer Base 8-pin

  • In closing cycle door will stop for 1.5 seconds and reverse to fully open

LiftMaster Auxiliary Limit Switch Mod M62 Open Factory Installed

  • Provides a limit switch for use by others to control auxiliary devices such as lights heaters dock levelers or other equipment.
  • The switch can be used to turn on or off such equipment when the door is fully opened or fully closed.
  • When ordering specify whether the auxiliary switch is required on the OPEN or CLOSE side of the control enclosure.
  • A maximum of 2 switches per operator can be supplied. .......more details

Manaras Damp Environment Oil and Dust Tight Modification

  • For applications where dust water spray oil leaks or any other type of condensation is present.
  • Includes TEFC motor seal-tight conduit and connectors NEMA 4/12 O/C/S push-button station NEMA 4/12 control box

Manaras Monitored Entrapment Protection Option Upgrade Mont + N4/12 Eyes

  • Upgrades added when purchasing a commercial operator

LiftMaster Single Button Control Mod. Field Kit Mod. Logic

  • Field service mod. for adding single button feature to medium duty logic operators

Micanan Variable Speed Modification Up-Charge for VFD Operators

  • Variable Frequency Drive modification for commercial operators
  • Whenever the primary power is 575V must add MX00164 panel

Micanan Drive Chain #40 for Trolley 18' High Door In Lieu of #41

  • For models Pro-T TB APT and GT

Micanan High Cycle Mod. for PRO-TTB

  • Modification only
  • For installations that exceed 100 door cycles per day
  • Includes cast iron flanged precision bearings on all shaft and delay on reverse circuit
  • Supplied with #41 chain

Micanan Auxiliary Chain Disconnect for Pro-T TB

  • Allows for operation of a door by an auxiliary chain hoist.
  • Hoist mechanism is coupled to front end of drawbar
  • MUST specify door width and position of hoist (left or right)

Manaras Time Delay Kit 1.5 Sec For Contactor Models

  • MODKIT003 for field upgrades
  • Order MOD003 when ordered in conjunction with a commercial operator

Manaras Motor 208V/1Ph 60 Hz Modification No extra charge

  • The standard 240V/1Ph op. is coverted to 208V/1Ph incoming power supply

Manaras Radio Receiver Rolling Code 390 MHz

  • Designed for multiple access communities and commercial buildings.
  • Compatible with up to 1000 remote controls per receiver.
  • Compatible with RADIO-EM101 and RADIO-EM103 SD/MD and KEYLESS042.
  • Each transmitter can be individually added deleted or temporarily disabled. .......more details

LiftMaster Timer Kit for TS Wiring

  • Field mod. kit

Micanan Time Delay on Reverse 1.5 sec. 24/110V

  • In closing cycle door will stop for 1.5 seconds and reverse to fully open

Micanan Time Delay on Reverse 0.5 sec. 24/110V

  • In closing cycle door will stop for 1.5 seconds and reverse to fully open

Micanan Flasher 120V

  • In closing cycle door will stop for 1.5 seconds and reverse to fully open

Micanan Explosion-Proof Modification N-7/N-9 for 3HP

  • Modification includes an explosion-proof motor explosion proof fittings operator mounted explosion-proof electrical control enclosure and n explosion-proof three button station.

Micanan Nema 4X Modification 3HP

  • This modification provides a washdown motor N-4X corrosion proof stainless steel control box enclosure waterproof drive and limit chain and a corrosion proof three-button station.
  • For options M & U Micanan N-4X photocells are supplied
  • For 3HP motors