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Lynx Electric Motor 3/4 HP 115/230V 1 Ph

  • Electric motor only

Lynx Electric Motor 3/4 HP-IR 115/230V 1 Ph

  • Electric motor only with instant reverse

Lynx 1-btn Transmitter Dip Switch 303 MHz

  • Ultra secure mid-size transmitter with 8 dip-switches for coding
  • Compatible with HomeLink in-vehicle remote control
  • Can be mounted on visor with saddle clip or carried on a keychain
  • Visor clip and 12V battery included
  • Use with receiver (RA-LYNX-RCVR) for open/close on commercial operators
  • Same as model 2211-L (TX)
  • .......more details

Lynx VBelt 4L 40"

  • Fits Lynx MCJH operator

Roller Carrier Only 2-Hole Sold per Piece

  • Sold per piece no box quantity

Lynx Brake Kit with 115V Solenoid CDJH

  • Complete brake kit with solenoid

Lynx 3-btn O/C/S Transmitter 303 MHz

  • Ultra secure mid-size transmitter does not have dip switches.
  • 3 button (Open/Close/Stop)
  • Can be mounted on visor with saddle clip or carried on a keychain
  • Must be used with Lynx OCS receiver for o/c/s functions
  • Visor clip and 12V battery included

Lynx 6000 Commercial Logic Board

  • Replacement logic board for Lynx commercial operators built from 2002 through 2005
  • Will not work for the ALDJ Model (Light Duty)

Lynx Pocket Wheel for CDJH Hex Bore OD 6.35"

  • Same as #2-30-1

Lynx Front Light Lens LPL 455+


Lynx Deluxe 3 function Wall Station

  • Features light and lock function
  • Vacation switch de-activates remote controls & keyless entry
  • Works with Lynx residential openers built from 2000 +
  • Comes with wire and mounting hardware

Lynx Silent Guard Photocell for Proline Openers

  • For models built from 2000+
  • Comes with photoeyes wire and bracket

Lynx Interlock Switch


Lynx Single Limit Switch


Lynx Drive Pulley 5/8" x 8" 4L MR TC3 Open/Spoke Style for Trolley Ops


Lynx Limit Switch for Commercial Operator with Logic Board

  • Single limit with curved actuator lever
  • Switch attaches directly to the Logic 6000 board

Lynx CDJH HD Jackshaft with Solenoid Brake 1/2 HP 115V with ECB UL325

  • New LX100 circuit board.
  • Built-in 3-channel 372 Mhz radio receiver accepts up to 20 remotes
  • 4L V-belt primary reduction #41 drive chain and sprockets.
  • Adjustable friction clutch Inherent Mechanical Brake included
  • Solenoid brake optional **
  • Fully driven adjustable limit switches.
  • .......more details

Contactor Schneider 24V

  • Works on Lynx MCJH
  • Same as LC2 K12107B7 & MK00108
  • replace Riken Contactor

Lynx Auto Re-Connect Carriage 14-1/2" Arm Sold Separately

  • Will work on most brands of commercial trolley operators using 2" angle tracks.

Lynx Replacement Logic Board New Version

  • New version board works on operators with a red cover
  • Replacement logic board for Napoleon/Lynx Proline garage door opener
  • For openers built June 2008 or later (date code 0806 or newer)
  • This board does not have a transformer.