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EMX Industries Multi-Voltage Loop Detector (ULT-MVP-U)

  • Combines small size with 9VDC to 240VAC input range.
  • Size: 73 x 38 x 78mm
  • ULTRAMETER™ display indicates the appropriate sensitivity setting the vehicle positioned on the loop
  • Ten (10) sensitivity adjustments
  • Four (4) frequency settings
  • Automatic sensitivity boost (ASB) delay fail-safe/fail-secure and infinite or normal (5 min.) presence
  • .......more details

EMX Wiring Harness 11-Pin for D-TEK-MVP 5111-1

  • Universal 11-pin harness

EMX Industries Universal Thru-Beam Photocells UL325 Built in Hoods

  • Kit includes transmitter receiver integrated protective hoods and removable lens sunshield
  • Thru beam configuration
  • UL325 compliant
  • Four (4) monitoring interfaces
  • 115 ft. operating range
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • .......more details

EMX Logic Controller

  • For use with the Loop Replacement System (LRS-C1) Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector Control Unit
  • Connects two stand-alone sensors to expand the detection area
  • Works with LRS-DB (LRS-DB-50 or LRS-DB-100) Direct Burial or LRS-FP Flat Pack (LRS-FP-50 or LRS-FP-100)
  • Logic Interface allows one (1) or two (2) sensors to be connected to one (1) output
  • Provides six (6) selectable logic functions and two (2) separate relay outputs
  • A/B directional logic can be selected with an output for each direction of travel as a vehicle passes over two sensors
  • .......more details

EMX Car Sense Direct Burial Sensor with 50 ft Lead Wire ** Replaced by the LRS-DB-50

  • Can be used for above ground applications ie.. strapped to a post or wall
  • Easy low cost installation
  • Small size of the detector allow for easy installation in pavement
  • Rugged sensor is also suitable for above grade installations
  • Includes direct burial sensor and 50 ft of lead wire
  • Advanced 3-axis technology for better detection
  • .......more details

EMX CARSENSE-101 Direct Burial Probe with 200' Lead Wire

  • Wand only
  • Requires CS101 (Carsense-101)

EMX Buried Driveway Alert Sensor XC101-LV Probe Sold Separately (CS101)

  • The CarSense 101 provides a solution for many vehicle detection challenges. Where safety is an issue the CarSense 101 detects moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path and actuates warning lights.
  • For access control applications requiring free exit the CarSense 101 detects vehicles and actuates gates overhead doors and other parking barriers.
  • Controls and indicators are mounted on front panel
  • Available in 9 - 41 VDC 6 - 29 VAC.
  • Low 2.5 mA standby current consumption makes it an excellent choice for solar power applications.
  • Housed in a small relay-type housing
  • .......more details

EMX Nema 4 Through-Beam Photocells EMX-1250-1 Hood Sold Separately

  • The IRB-4X2 photoeye is used as a safety reversing or opening device in conjunction with automatic operators.
  • The IRB-4X2 will work with any control board that accepts dry contact on the input.
  • The easy to install IRB-4X2 is used with garage doors rolling doors parking barriers and other equipment.
  • *Not for use in applications requiring UL325 compliance
  • Thru beam design is not affected by shiny surfaces
  • Wide 24˚ transmission angle allows easier alignment and increases reliability
  • .......more details

EMX Industries 9-220 volt Loop Detector 2550-1

  • Wiring harness ( HAR-11) sold separately
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Aluminum RF shield housing
  • Loop diagnostics
  • Frequency counter
  • Control contacts (gold plated)
  • .......more details

EMX Single Grey Hood For IRB-MON2/4X2 1 Piece Only

  • Grey coloured metal hood (1 hood)

EMX Industries Universal Retroreflective Photoeye Nema 4X W/Reflector Hood New UL325

  • Universal UL325 Retroreflective Photoeye Kit
  • Compact design
  • Easy LED alignment
  • Easy-to-Adjust Ball & Socket Bracket
  • Rugged NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Integrated sensor hood improved reflector hood and ball & socket bracket
  • .......more details

EMX Direct Burial Sensor with 50 ft Lead Wire

  • Lead probe ONLY. Requires the LRS-C1 detector
  • Three-dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  • Select X Y Z axis independently
  • Stand-alone sensor
  • Sensor stores ambient background and settings in non-volatile memory
  • Includes direct burial sensor and 100 ft of lead wire
  • .......more details

EMX Vehicle Detector Control Unit for Single Sensor 2303-2

  • The Loop Replacement System (LRS) features advanced 3-axis magnetoresistive sensing technology that responds to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by ferrous objects.
  • Three sensing elements provide measurements in the X Y and Z axes to improve detection sensitivity when used in either above or below ground installations.
  • The LRS is equipped with our new DETECT-ON-STOP™ or (DOS®) feature which allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop.
  • Backwards compatible with CS303 sensors

EMX 7 Day Programmable Timer 24V

  • The PTM is an easy to program 7 day timer that provides secure access to any facility any time.
  • With up to 16 ON/OFF events per day and 15 different daily options.
  • Its DIN rail mount design and wide power supply options (12 24 or 120 Volt) make installation easy.
  • The battery backup saves stored programs in the case of power loss.
  • Select either a 12 or 24 hour clock format to program access times for overhead doors gates and parking barriers.
  • The PTM can reduce the wear and tear on motor controls and extend the life of your equipment.
  • .......more details

EMX Accessory Access Card 5404-1

  • 3.4" x 1.2" x 0.1" (ISO standard size)
  • Reinforced for long life
  • Mifare 26 bit Wiegand Format
  • Durable access card for use on the CR-2000 and PRX-320
  • Easy and convenient use - just swipe in front of sensor
  • Secure and can be disabled individually at any time
  • .......more details

EMX Keypad/Card Reader Waterproof 5401-1

  • Back-lit keys for nighttime operation
  • 2000 users (card or passcode)
  • Rugged waterproof design and vandal resistant
  • 9-24 VDC
  • Tamper alarm
  • Door call button
  • .......more details

EMX Universal Mounting Bracket L-Shape Black Sold per Piece

  • Fits RET2 MON2 4X2 WEL-RX REFLECTOR-O-EX models

EMX Vehicle Motion Detector Probe with 100ft Lead Wire

  • The VMD202 Vehicle Motion Detector is the most advanced single-piece vehicle motion sensor on the market today.
  • The probe and its electronics are housed in a slim design that is buried next to a driveway.
  • The VMD202-R Sensitivity Remote Control (sold separately) makes installation and fine tuning simple
  • Probe assembly and wire are water tight and direct burial compatible
  • Harness is pre-wired onto lead wire for easy installation
  • Settings are placed in a non-volatile memory in case of power failure
  • .......more details

EMX Test Loop

  • Electrical diagnostic tool for loop and vehicle detectors
  • Two-wire: red and black
  • Dimensions: 1.25 inches (H) x 1.25inches (W) x .75inches (D)
  • Compatible with most brands of loop detectors

EMX Sensor Flat Pack 100ft Wire

  • Lead probe ONLY. Requires the LRS-C1 detector
  • Three-dimensional presence detection of vehicles
  • Select X Y Z axis independently
  • Stand-alone sensor
  • Sensor stores ambient background and settings in non-volatile memory
  • Includes sensor and 100 ft of lead wire
  • .......more details