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Micanan 110V Commercial Receiver CR32-110V

  • A transformer 110/24V (MK00030) is supplied separately for the 110V version

Micanan Allen Bradley Thru-Beam Photocell 42GRL Rec/Trans 24V 0-30ft Range (MV00390)

  • 42GRL 9000 receiver (24/115V) and 42GRR 9000 transmitter 24V

Micanan Commercial Wireless Keyless Entry 372 MHz

  • Will work on Micanan commercial operators that have an on-board receiver
  • If there is no receiver then MK-00648 is required
  • Same as MV-00086

Micanan 3/4HP 115V 1P Heavy-Duty Jackshaft N1 Eyes Monitored ECB Left Hand

  • 3/4 HP115V 1PH Industrial Continuous Duty Jackshaft Operator Ideal for Sectional Doors Rolling Steel
  • Monitored logic board with integral 372Mhz radio receiver that can hold up to 20 transmitters (MK-00647/ MK-00653/ MK-00659) or 200 of the 1 channel hand held transmitters (MK-00660).
  • N-1 Through-beam (MK-00649) photocells included. Other options available.
  • 3-btn O/S/C (02-103) wall control station included
  • Adjustable Friction Clutch 5L320 drive belt
  • #50 Roller chain 18 tooth door sprocket included
  • .......more details

Micanan Smart 10.0 Full Feature Circuit Board Monitored with Heavy Duty Relays

  • For 1 HP 110/220V Single Phase 230/380/460V 3 Ph
  • The board has P1 & P2 terminals

Micanan Smart 10.0 Full Feature Circuit Board with Contactor Interface Monitored 575V

  • For all HP - 575V all voltages 1.5 2 3 & 5HP

Micanan Smart 10.0 Full Feature Circuit Board Monitored with 5 Relays

  • For 1/3 1/2 and 3/4 Hp - 110/220V 1p 230V 3p
  • Board has P1 & P2 terminals
  • Up to 20 transmitters can be programmed

Micanan 1/2HP 115V 1P Hoist Operator N1 Eyes Monitored ECB Right Hand

  • Continuous duty belt drive jackshaft operator with emergency chain hoist
  • Full function Smart 10.0 Logic control board featuring on-board receiver with antenna
  • Nema 1 photoeyes included
  • Solenoid brake OPTIONAL
  • On-Board receiver holds up to 20 transmitters

Micanan 1 Channel Transmitter 372 MHz

  • Works with Logic 10.0 and medium duty on-board receivers
  • Also works with MK-00648 external receiver
  • Two CR2032 batteries and visor clip included
  • Not Homelink compatible

Micanan 1 Channel Hand Held Transmitter (for APT applications) Sold Individually

  • Sold in packs of 10. Priced per transmitter

Micanan Brake Shoe and Drum Assembly

  • Fits Micanan models: TB APTB JB HB HHD LH LJ & SD
  • Assembly includes: Both right & left brake shoe and the drum

Micanan Connecting Link #410


Micanan Fuse 2 Amp 250V Glass


Micanan Single Limit Switch AT


Micanan Transformer 115V-24V-40VA


Sprocket 50B36 1-1/4" shaft 1/4" KW 2SS 5/16"

  • 36 tooth sprocket for #50 chain

Micanan Fraba Nema 4/4X RAY-RT-HD with Reflector

  • Monitored Retroreflective photocell
  • Sensing distance: 50 ft
  • Includes bracket and long range reflector

Micanan Brake Disconnect Cable 1/16" x 12"L c/w Cable Stop

  • 2 Required per operator
  • Includes MQ00012 cable stop

Micanan Complete Clutch Shaft Assembly for PRO-HHD


Micanan Front Idler Assembly for PRO-APT/T

  • For model PRO-APT / T
  • 3/4" x 5.79" LG