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EMX Industries Explosion Proof Through-Beam Photocells

  • Designed to operate in areas with explosive environments.
  • NEMA 4 and 7 housing
  • NEC Class I Groups B C & D Class II Groups E F & G CSA certified CENELEC certified EExd IIC.
  • Copper free Aluminum with Epoxy finish. .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Reflector 3-1/2" (84mm) Round

  • Can be used with the PMP12RI retro-reflective detector
  • Can be used with the reflector hood
  • Dimensions: 84 mm wide 7.4 mm thick

Carlo Gavazzi Polarized Retro-Reflective Sensor

  • Range: 40 feet (12m)
  • Modulated invisible light polarized
  • LED- indication for target detected
  • NO and NC output .......more details

EMX Wiring Harness 11-Pin for D-TEK-MVP

  • Universal 11-pin harness

EMX Industries 9-220 volt Loop Detector

  • Wiring harness ( HAR-11) sold separately
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Aluminum RF shield housing
  • Loop diagnostics .......more details

Devanco Loop 6' x 20' pave-over 50' lead-in

  • Ideal for use on with gravel driveways or surfaces that are to be asphalted
  • Features a twisted lead-in to reduce the chances of interference and false detections.
  • Direct burial loops should be buried approximately 6" deep

BEA Laser Motion Sensor Time of Flight

  • Should only be mounted Left Hand or Centre Mount
  • Time-of-flight lazor sensor used for motion safety & presence detection
  • Offers the benefits of activation & safety while reducing installation time.
  • Can detect objects based on direction speed object size & height. .......more details

Timer Multifunction 11-Pin

  • Carlo Gavazzi multi-function timer
  • Time range 0.05 s to 300 h
  • Knob selection of time range
  • Knob adjustable time setting .......more details

LiftMaster Interlock Switch 125/250VAC 3A N4

  • For use with various LiftMaster® Commercial Door Operators

LiftMaster Coax Antenna Connection Kit JF

  • For use on Medium-Duty commercial operators only

EMX Industries Nema 4 Through-Beam Photocells with Hoods

  • Outdoor and carwash through beam Commercial Photocells.
  • Up to 115' sensing distance
  • Electronic sunlight filter
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Reflector 4" (100mm) Square

  • High quality reflector for retro-reflective photoelectric switches
  • Dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm 9.2 mm thick

Take-Up Reel 3-Wire Metal 30ft Extended

  • 3- wire 18-gauge
  • Also called Reel Cord

Take-Up Reel 2-Wire Metal 18-ga 20ft

  • 18-gauge
  • 20 ft extended
  • Take up reels are NOT recommended for use with any failsafe type edge. Use coil cord only.
  • Also called Reel cord

Exterior 3-Wire Air Switch SPDT with Plastic Housing Mosley

  • Nema 4
  • 3-wire air switch; 1-NO and 1-NC contact
  • Mosley
  • NO contact on Yellow and Green

Adjustable DC Power Supply 6V/12/24V 3 AMP

  • 3 preset output voltages : 6/12 and 24VDC (an adjustable mode is also available with a jumper setting)
  • Full adjustment from 2 to 24VDC if required
  • Maximum 3 amp (Output at 70 deg. F and free air)
  • Regulation:97.5% .......more details

EMX Industries Battery Powered Through-Beam Photocells EMX-1500-1

  • Thru beam configuration
  • 90®® adjustment left or right
  • The transmitter and receiver use 12-24 VDC/AC but the BPE-50 can also be powered by two 3.6-volt lithium batteries (Batteries Included)
  • 50 ft. operating range .......more details

Telco Thru Beam Receiver

  • Remote receiver Series 110
  • M12 x 1 Housing Size
  • Nickel Plated Brass Housing Material
  • 15 m Cable Cable Connection .......more details

Micanan UL325 Monitored N1 Thru-Beam Photocell


LiftMaster Push Button Station 3-btn Surface Mount O/C/S Nema 1 with Maintenance Alert LED