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Carlo Gavazzi Reflector 3-1/2" (84mm) Round

  • Can be used with the PMP12RI retro-reflective detector
  • Can be used with the reflector hood
  • Dimensions: 84 mm wide 7.4 mm thick

Carlo Gavazzi Reflector 4" (100mm) Square

  • High quality reflector for retro-reflective photoelectric switches
  • Dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm 9.2 mm thick

Bircher Air-Wave Switch DW40 with N4/10 Box

  • Bircher pressure wave switch with connection terminals
  • 6.3mm plug tab in impact-resistant plastic housing
  • For pressure wave switch series D1 grey housing bottom.
  • A pressure wave generated by pressing the sensing edge reaches the pressure wave switch. .......more details

EMX Car Sense Direct Burial Sensor with 50 ft Lead Wire

  • Can be used for above ground applications ie.. strapped to a post or wall

EMX Car Sense Vehicle Detector Control Unit

  • The CarSense®®® 303 features advanced 3-axis magnetoresistive sensing technology.
  • The sensor measures Earth®®®s magnetic field and responds to disturbances caused by ferrous objects.
  • The CS303 combines this exciting new technology with a fieldproven hardware platform to produce a high-sensitivity compact and cost-effective solution for reliable vehicle detection.
  • Three sensing elements provide magnetic field measurement in the X Y and Z axes improving detection sensitivity.

BEA Falcon-XL Motion Detector

  • Same features as the Falcon detector but made specifically for extra low mounting
  • Mounting height between 6.5' and 11.5'
  • Allows uni or bi-directional sensing and the unique ability to open a door when traffic is moving away from the sensor
  • Sensor also has the ability to differentiate between pedstrians and vehicles .......more details

BEA Presence Sensor

  • Equipped with 9 pre-programmed pattern configurations for various industrial applications
  • Various learn time settings allow presence detection to either remain constant or ignore a motionless object after a pre-determined period of time
  • Maximum mounting height of 16®®® and a detection pattern up to 10®®® X 10®®®
  • Designed with NEMA 4 enclosure .......more details

LiftMaster Commercial Protector System Thru-Beam Eyes NEMA4

  • Waterproof photoeyes.
  • for direct connect to operators with Logic boards
  • Receiving Eye - A: 50-50997 Sending Eye - A: 50-50998
  • These eyes will also work on the Micanan UL325 monitored operators

Strobe light Xenon Amber 12-110V DC

  • IP Protection: IP56
  • -30 degree celsius to 50 degree celsius extreme temperature reliability
  • small format only 2.5" wide

Programmable Timer

  • 12VDC or 24VDC operation is selectable
  • Functions include: One shot Delayed release Delayed operate Delayed pulse and Pulse / Flasher.
  • Momentary relay activation at the end of a desired timing cycle eliminating the need for having to use 2 timers to achieve this function
  • LED indicates relay is energized .......more details

Work Light LED Bar Black 1600 Lumens

  • LED Power: 20W
  • Beam: Spot
  • Size: 26" x 12" x 12"

Devanco O/C/S for 8-Doors L5

  • Compatible with all Liftmaster Logic 5 Commercial operators
  • Works with the 850LM and 860LM receiver to control OCS on 8 doors
  • 5.5" length x 3.25" wide x 1.25" thick
  • Splash-proof

BEA Falcon Motion Detector

  • Allows uni or bi-directional sensing and the unique ability to open a door when traffic is moving away from the sensor
  • Sensor also has the ability to differentiate between pedstrians and vehicles
  • Can be set vertically from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Mounting height between 11.5' and 23' .......more details

BEA Falcon Programming Remote

  • Makes it easy to set up and make adjustments to all key parameters of the Falcon motion detector while at ground level

Devanco Loop 4' x 33' pave-over 50' lead-in

  • Ideal for use on with gravel driveways or surfaces that are to be asphalted
  • Features a twisted lead-in to reduce the chances of interference and false detections.
  • Direct burial loops should be buried approximately 6" deep

Miller Edge Black Universal Outlet 2 -Wire 2" wide x 1-1/2" high Sold by the Foot

  • Pressure sensitive electric edge designed to fit most sectional doors
  • Soft ends
  • Coil Cord attached Retracting reel
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally .......more details

Miller Edge Transmitter with Audible Alarm and 1 Channel Receiver

  • For 2-wire edges
  • Was previously MWRTA02A now has a new board making installation easier
  • Includes single channel receiver (MWR12A) and transmitter (MWTA12) with audible low battery alarm.
  • This feature that activates when the battery has only 25% of its life remaining indicating the battery should be replaced. The alarm sounds for 5 to 10 seconds at 1 to 2 minute intervals. .......more details

Miller Edge Sensing Edge Round Black 2-Wire Universal Outlet Sold Per Foot

  • Designed to fit 2" round gate post
  • Do NOT bend
  • Non-monitored edge
  • Maximum length is 10ft (over 8ft requires LTL shipment at additional cost)

Miller Edge MU22 2-Wire Right Hand Gray - Sold per Foot

  • MU style bumpers are designed for use with aircraft hanger doors and large specialty doors.
  • Must specify the exact length in feet and inches when ordering.
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Sensitivity: nominal 6-8 psi

Miller Edge Transmitter RF in Nema 4 Enclosure

  • The MWT12 safety edge transmitter is designed to provide wireless signal transmission form the safety edge to the motor controls.
  • It is easily mounted and wired to the gate or door edge sensor. When the sensing edge comes into contact with an obstruction a closed circuit signal is created and is sent to the transmitter.
  • The transmitter relays the information to the receiver and the receiver passes the signal along to the operator motor.
  • The gate or door stops movement and will then reverse the direction of travel. .......more details