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LiftMaster Commercial Protector System Eyes

  • For LiftMaster Logic 2 3 4 & 5 commercial operators only
  • NOT for outdoor applications
  • Allows activation of the timer-to-close
  • Mounting hardware included .......more details

Micanan Cutler Hammer Reflective Photocell 24V 0-25ft Range (MK00371/MV00371)

  • Includes eye reflector and bracket
  • Same as MK00371 Eaton 1450E-6514

Telco Light Curtain with Rectifier Normally Open 72"

  • Normally Open

Miller Edge Air Wave Switch in NEMA 4 Enclosure

  • Works on doors up to 60ft in length
  • Normally open or Normally closed operation
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Release valve for pressure and temperature compensation .......more details

EMX Industries Nema 4 Through-Beam Photocells with Hoods

  • Outdoor and carwash through beam Commercial Photocells.
  • Up to 65' sensing distance
  • Electronic sunlight filter
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes .......more details

LiftMaster Orange Coil Cord 3-Wire 18-ga 20 ft. Extended Curly Cord


Carlo Gavazzi Polarized Retro-Reflective Sensor

  • Range: 40 feet (12m)
  • Modulated invisible light polarized
  • LED- indication for target detected
  • NO and NC output .......more details

Carlo Gavazzi Reflector 3-1/2" (84mm) Round

  • Can be used with the PMP12RI retro-reflective detector
  • Can be used with the reflector hood
  • Dimensions: 84 mm wide 7.4 mm thick

Fraba Wireless Air Wave Switch Transmitter/Receiver Kit

  • The small radio transmitter unit and the pneumatic switch are packaged within the DW3S-200 case while the receiver is built into a Nema 4 case
  • It is equipped with a NCC or a NOC relay
  • Kit includes radio transmitter DWTR-200 433 Mhz and receiver RSW-R 433 Mhz
  • Battery is included # CR2032

Emx Industries Retro Reflective Photoeye Sensor with Reflector

  • Watertight packaging
  • Detection range: 30 feet
  • 6 foot cord
  • Reflector Bracket and mounting hardware Included .......more details

Take-Up Reel 3-Wire Metal 30ft Extended

  • 3- wire 18-gauge
  • Also called Reel Cord

Manaras Push Button Control Station 1-Button Nema 4/12

  • 1-button 1 N/O contact
  • Plastic

Exterior Mosley Air Switch SPDT Plastic Housing


Take-Up Reel 2-Wire Metal 18-ga 20ft

  • 18-gauge
  • 20 ft extended
  • Take up reels are NOT recommended for use with any failsafe type edge. Use coil cord only.
  • Also called Reel cord

Push Button Control Station 3-Button Surface Mount NEMA 4/12

  • Open/Close/Stop allows complete control of the door.
  • Compatible with all commercial door operators.
  • NEMA 4 4X 12 13
  • Outdoor surface mount station with polycarbonate enclosure.

Aluminum Pedestal Post Dual Height 42" & 72"

  • Pedestal post with hood
  • High quality aluminum
  • 42" & 72"
  • Dual face-plate allows for easy wire connections

Aluminum Pedestal Post 42"

  • Pedestal post with hood
  • High quality aluminum
  • 42 inches
  • Dual face-plate allows for easy wire connections

LiftMaster Commercial Protector System Eyes NEMA4

  • Waterproof photoeyes.
  • for direct connect to operators with Logic boards
  • Receiving Eye - A: 50-50997 Sending Eye - A: 50-50998
  • These eyes will also work on the Micanan UL325 monitored operators

Strobe light Xenon Amber 12-110V DC

  • IP Protection: IP56
  • -30 degree celsius to 50 degree celsius extreme temperature reliability
  • small format only 2.5" wide

Miller Edge U-Shaped PVC Mounting Channel Sold by the Foot