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LiftMaster Clutch Shaft Kit SL575GL


Manaras Output Shaft for OSH


Torsion Spring .393 x 5-1/4" x 12ft RH Orange

  • Wire size: .393
  • Inside diameter: 5-1/4"
  • Length: 12 ft

LiftMaster Receiver Logic Board AC WiFi

  • 050ACTBMC is a replacement Bluetooth® Enabled Receiver Logic Board Kit
  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Wi-Fi® AC Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers manufactured 2011 to 2022 only.
  • The unit will feature a yellow learn button
  • Also known as: 1D8088-1 050ACTWFMC 050ACTWF 1D8808-3 041D80881D8088-1 50ACTWF 050ACTBMC 50ACBL1 50ACBL2 50ACBL3 50ACBL4 50ACBL5 50ACCL1 50ACCL2 50ACCL3 50ACCL4 50ACCL5 50ACBR1 50ACBR2 50ACBR3 50ACBR4 50ACBR5 50ACCR1 50ACCR2 50ACCR3 50ACCR4 50ACCR5

LiftMaster Sensor Eyes and Brackets 1997-Current

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers; manufactured after 1997.
  • Complete kit includes: (1) Sending sensor eye (with LED) (1) receiving sensor eye (with LED) (2) replacement brackets and replacement hardware.
  • Also known as or Replaces: 041A5266-1 041A5266-3 41A5266-3 41A5266-1 12D584-1

LiftMaster RPM Sensor Kit Screw Drive

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Screw Drive Garage Door Openers
  • Same as 041C4672

LiftMaster Safety Sensor Brackets 2021-Present

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The new safety reversing sensor brackets are only compatible with the new safety reversing sensors (041-0136) and are NOT compatible with older style safety reversing sensors.
  • For safety reversing sensor brackets compatible with models pre-2021 refer to 041A5266-3.

LiftMaster Safety Sensor Kit 2021 - Present works with all Liftmaster residential openers 1993+

  • For use with various LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® Belt Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers featuring myQ® technology and Secure View™ Video Camera
  • Complete kit includes: Sending sensor (with LED) receiving sensor (with LED) 2-conductor wire (5) wire connectors and replacement hardware which is not compatible with the older style safety sensor kits.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: These safety reversing sensors feature new mounting brackets (041-0155-000) and are NOT compatible with the older style safety sensors.
  • The new safety sensors will work with the older style brackets (41A5266-3).

LiftMaster Push Ring Fastener 5/8" Int

  • Same as: 87P062 K87-P-62 87-P-062
  • Used on LiftMaster brake assembly

LiftMaster Drive Chain Connector Link Kit APT

  • Also known as: 30515363 305105363

LiftMaster Drum Brake Kit 1 Ph 115/230V

  • Internal Solenoid Drum Brake with Cable (120V Single Phase) Replacement Kit.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Logic 5.0 Model T SD J H and HJ Industrial-Duty Operators.
  • Complete service kit includes: Solenoid Cover Brake Solenoid Brake Drum Cable Mounting Plate and Installation Hardware.
  • Quiet preferred sound profile
  • Industry benchmark stopping performance with adjustability
  • Significantly reduced modes of failure
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Electric Motor 3/4 HP 115V/208V/230V 1Ph Logic 5

  • Standard base mount 3/4 hp motor for new L5 operators
  • Also known as: 20-1075B-2LP K20-1075B-2P-H24 K20-1075B-2LP

LiftMaster Travel Module Kit 3/4 Hp

  • A one piece travel module replacement kit.
  • Compatible with 3/4HP LiftMaster® Models 8557 & 8587 and various AC chain and belt drive garage door openers
  • Same as 041D7742-5

LiftMaster Door Arm Kit Straight and Curved Arms

  • Kit contains: Straight arm Curved arm and hardware bag

LiftMaster Chain Pulley Bracket Kit

  • Fits chain drive models

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2 HP 115V 1Ph Logic 5

  • Standard 1/2 hp motor for new L5 operators

LiftMaster Replacement Battery Kit for 475LMC 2/pk

  • For 475LM Battery Back Up Units only
  • Used only on the following LiftMaster models: 2500 3500 3800 & 8500

LiftMaster Limit Switch Kit

  • Complete kit with limit nut retainer switch plates backup plate depress plate limit switches (3) standoffs screws and locknuts
  • For logic control MT BMT MJ MH MHS

LiftMaster Transformer

  • For model 8500
  • 120V / 150 VA

LiftMaster Travel Module (8500 3800P 3800PLD & 3900) - 41B8861

  • Works on model 8500