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Manaras 3-btn Dip Switch Transmitter 313 MHz

  • Operates one to three doors
  • 3-btn Open/Close function
  • 10 dip-switches
  • LED indicator .......more details

Fraba Wireless Air Wave Switch Transmitter/Receiver Kit

  • The small radio transmitter unit and the pneumatic switch are packaged within the DW3S-200 case while the receiver is built into a Nema 4 case
  • It is equipped with a NCC or a NOC relay
  • Kit includes radio transmitter DWTR-200 433 Mhz and receiver RSW-R 433 Mhz
  • Battery is included # CR2032

Manaras Push Button Control Station 1-Button Nema 4/12

  • 1-button 1 N/O contact
  • Plastic

Exterior Mosley Air Switch SPDT Plastic Housing


Manaras Transformer 120/240-24V 40VA

  • Transformer 120-240V Primary 24V Secondary 40VA

Manaras Timer 24/240V 1s-100h

  • This timer-to-close can be added to any Commercial garage door opener.
  • Use with RELAY022 (8-pin base) if required.
  • Schneider Elect. part no. RE88867215

Manaras Replacement Circuit Board (No Monitoring)

  • Replacement kit that includes BOARD060 (control board) & BOARD066R (power board)
  • For all Manaras operators built before October 2010
  • For newer models built after October 2010 use BOARD070 or replacement kit BOARD075

Manaras Single Limit Switch without Lever

  • No action limit switch - Cherry
  • Used on Manaras operators built from 2002 to Feb. 2009
  • Also used as disconnect switch on Opera models

Manaras 1-Channel 24V Receiver Fixed Code Dip-Switch 313 MHz

  • Commercial receiver controls one (1) operator (door)
  • Pairs with an infinite number of identical transmitters
  • practical learn button on front surface
  • Nema 1 enclosure .......more details

Manaras Flange Bearing 5/8"

  • Flange bearing for 5/8" shaft

Manaras Opera-H 1/2HP 120V 1Ph with Electronic Circuit Board

  • A heavy-duty industrial jackshaft operator.
  • For use on Standard High and Vertical Lift sectional doors.
  • Can also be used on Rolling doors or Grilles.
  • Comes with a self-engaging chain hoist for manual operation. .......more details

Manaras Opera-H 1/2HP 208V 3Ph with Electronic Circuit Board


Manaras Synthetic Disconnect Cam Opera


Chain Tensioner for 1" shafts

  • Chain spreader for installation with 1" operator shaft & 1" door shaft.
  • Includes 2 shaft collars and set screws.

Manaras Electric Motor1/2HP 208/460V 3PH

  • This item is compatible with BRAKE011

Manaras Replacement Circuit Board (No Monitoring)

  • Control board for BOARD065

Manaras Electric Motor 3/4HP 575V 3PH Wired

  • Motor and brake come wired ®®®This item is compatible with BRAKE011

Manaras 1-btn 1-door Rolling Code transmitter 390 MHz

  • 2 operating sequences available: open/close or single button control.
  • Single button control allows the user the possibility to open stop or close the door by using the one button.
  • Comes with LED indicator CR2032 battery and visor clip.
  • Compatible with Manaras operators manufactured after August 2013 with control board070E & board070M.

Manaras MRX-1000 1-Channel 24V Receiver with Commercial Antenna 313 MHz ** To extent of inventory

  • Controls one operator with MT series transmitters.
  • Operates on 24VAC.
  • A LED indicates that the unit has been activated.
  • Can be installed directly onto the control box of a Manaras operator. .......more details

Manaras Transformer 575-24V 40VA

  • Transformer 575V Primary 24V Secondary 40VA