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LiftMaster Main Board w/BBU 700/1200 JHDC


SkyLink Trolley for T-Rails


LiftMaster Heavy-Duty Industrial Variable Speed Slide Gate Operator with battery back-up

  • For Industrial Slide Gates up to 2200 lbs.
  • Variable cycle speed is adjustable from .5 ft./sec. to 1 ft./sec.
  • Industrial brushless DC motor with battery back-up
  • Continuous-duty gate operation built with industrial oil-bath gear box
  • Enclosure Lockable Weatherproof 14g NEMA 3R Steel Cabinet
  • Smooth start/stop operation and mid-travel reversal extend operator hardware life.
  • .......more details

BEA Falcon Wide Motion Detector

  • Allows uni or bi-directional sensing and the unique ability to open a door when traffic is moving away from the sensor.
  • Sensor also has the ability to differentiate between pedstrians and vehicles.
  • Mounting height between 11.5' and 21'
  • All settings are available directly on the unit or via the remote control.
  • Remote is sold separately
  • Detection zone: 30' x 11' at 21'
  • .......more details

Doorlec Rubber C.I Packing 1/16" x 10" Wide Sold per Foot

  • Low temperature rubber
  • Replaces existing worn or cracked MRSB rubber
  • 10" wide to suit most applications
  • Sold per foot

Erone Radium Mini 2-Button Transmitter 433MHz

  • The RADIUM remotes are compatible with all standard 433 MHz RADIUM wireless receivers.
  • They have been designed with a high security coding system (KeeLoq® Hopping code).
  • A special algorithm ensures a continuous synchronization between the receiver and transmitter
  • Range up to 820 ft (250 m)
  • Two CR2016 batteries included

Whiting .207 x 2-5/8 IN x 32" Roadside with Cones

  • An original Whiting assembly

LiftMaster Front Of Hood Mount Bracket Kit

  • For use with various LiftMaster® DC JDC and JHDC Standard-Duty and Industrial-Duty Commercial Door Operators; manufactured after 2023 only.
  • This mounting bracket kit is utilized for front of the hood installation.
  • Refer to the installation manual or replacement parts diagram for specific part information before ordering to ensure compatibility.

Micanan Bracket Only for MV-00278 Photocell

  • Bracket Only - photocell NOT included

LiftMaster Crank Housing Kit - Hand Crank Not Incl. **DISCONTINUED

  • SL3000 new style hand crank pocket to store hand crank (crank sold separately)

Fasteners Type AB Sheet Metal Screw 1/4" x 3/4" 1000/Box **** Temp. NLA

  • 7/16" head
  • Indented hex washer head
  • Max RPM = 900

Doorlec DC-2000 Electronic Circuit Board

  • Works in all Doorlec model openers except R-99
  • Input power to board is 120V
  • 24V DC available on terminals 9 & 11
  • Accessory power on terminals 1 & 11
  • 1 = Stop. 2 = Com. 3 = Open 4 = Close

Lynx Limit Switch for old model 455

  • Limit switch for old Lynx 455 with metal cover

Micanan Pulley 9" OD c/w Bushing 3/4" ID


LiftMaster Heavy Industrial-Duty Trolley Op. 1 HP 208/230/460VAC 3PH

  • Suspended from the ceiling the operators are used on sectional overhead doors with a standard lift.
  • GT operators are directly attached to drive and control the door
  • MyQ® Technology enables you to securely monitor and control your facility operator and lights with your smartphone tablet or computer for greater peace of mind.
  • Requires 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway to connect to MyQ Smartphone App.
  • High-starting torque continuous duty motor with overload protection
  • Door speed approx. 11-12 inches per second
  • .......more details

Master Link #40 Stainless Steel

  • For #40 chain

Garex Ready to Install Door Grooved Special Order

  • Panel height 18* 21 and 24 inches (45 53 and 60 cm)
  • Panel width 1 ⅜": Up to 18 feet (548 m) 1 ¾": Up to 28 feet (853 m)
  • Door Thickness 1 ⅜" (3493 mm) / RSI 211 (R-12) 1 ¾" (4445 mm) / RSI 281 (R-16)
  • Windows 1 ⅜": Standard injected frame (1520 or 1542) 1 ¾": Standard injected frame (24x12 or 40x13)
  • Metal Thickness 26 ga Steel : 047 mm (00185 in) 23 ga Aluminum : 061 mm (0024 in)
  • Insulation: High-density polyurethane meeting the highest environmental standards
  • .......more details

Garex Ready to Install Door Multi-Grooved Special Order

  • 21" panel = 4 grooves 24" panel= 5 grooves
  • COMPLETE JOINT SEAL No air circulation between the panel sections eliminating thermal bridges.
  • Minimize the heat transfer between the inside and outside of your garage.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ROBUST PANEL Polyurethane foam insulation pressure injected between the interior/exterior faces
  • WOOD END BLOCKS Suitable to receive steel end caps
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE DESIGN Flexible rubber inserted into a PVC reinforced moulding offering a tightly sealed fit to the floor
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Chain Tensioner 1-1/4" MAXUM DC

  • For use with various LiftMaster® MAXUM DC Standard-Duty and Industrial-Duty Commercial Door Operators; manufactured after 2023 only.

Manaras 1/4"-28 x 1/4" Set Screw


Manaras Opera-SH 1/2HP 600V 3Ph Monitored w/ N1 Eyes Left Hand

  • An ultra high-end heavy-duty V-belt drive industrial jackshaft operator
  • For use on Standard High and Vertical Lift sectional doors
  • Can also be used on Rolling doors and Grilles
  • Comes with a chain hoist for manual operation brake and a floor level engaging device
  • Clearence: side room required 16"

Manaras Flange 2-Bolt Flange Bearing ID 3/4" Black


Erone 26-bit Wiegand Backlit Keypad

  • Compatible with ATRIUM CENTAUR and any 26-bit Wiegand system
  • Heavy-duty Zamak® cast alloy
  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • Blue backlit keypad
  • Weather resistant and vandal proof
  • PIN code: 4 to 8 digits
  • .......more details

Whiting Torsion assembly .156 wire size 17" spring length 73" shaft


Whiting .207 x 2-5/8 IN x 32" Curbside with Cones

  • An original Whiting assembly

Devanco Bottom Vinyl U-Rubber 4" Black 200' spool

  • 200ft spool of vinyl insert for sectional doors
  • low temp vinyl
  • perforations in the bottom to ensure that condensation escapes
  • Fits most standard bottom retainers

Devanco Harsh Environment Lubricant and Protector 340g Aerosol

  • HELP Provides Lubrication and Protection of All Metal Surfaces in Harsh Corrosive Environments
  • Ideal for Barns Salt Sheds Car Washes
  • Coating Action Lubricates and Ensures Moisture is Displaced and Prevents Further Moisture Intrusion
  • Not Water Soluble - Will Not Dry Up or Flake
  • Non Food Grade
  • 12 cans per case
  • .......more details

Pusher Spring - 27" with 3" diameter Tip Sold as a Pair

  • Pusher spring 27" long with a large 3" tip. Sold as a pair
  • 11lbs of initial pushing strength per spring+ 3lbs per inch per spring

Lynx Proline Drive Shaft Assembly with Helical Gear

  • Assembly includes the output shaft and nylon gear

Lynx VBelt 4L 31" (4L310)

  • Fits the old Lynx 455 garage door opener

Erone 2-Channel Mini Transmitter Blue 433MHz

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Elegant & easy to carry
  • Light grey and blue base with blue buttons
  • Unobstructed range: 656 ft (200m)
  • 60 x 36 x 16mm (2.35 x 1.4 x 0.6in)
  • Two lithium batteries (CR2016) included
  • .......more details

Manaras 3-btn transmitter configured as O/C/S 1 door Rolling Code 390 MHz

  • Open/Close/Stop remote for 1 door
  • Operates single door: O/C/S configuration
  • LED indicator CR2032 battery and visor clip included
  • Field Selectable: Jumper inside the remote can be positioned to Single Door (SD) or Multiple Door (MD)
  • Compatible with Manaras operators manufactured after August 2013 with control board070E & board070M.

Aluminum Bottom Retainer U-Shaped 16' Long

  • For door thickness 1-1/2"

LiftMaster Heavy Ind-Duty Slide Operator 1HP 208/230/460VAC 3PH


Lynx Awning Pulley 1" MCJH


LiftMaster Roller Chain #40 Stainless Steel 10ft/pk

  • 10ft length

Manaras Opera-SH 1 HP 600V 3 Ph Monitored Board w/N1 Eyes Left Hand

  • An ultra high-end heavy-duty V-belt drive industrial jackshaft operator
  • For use on Standard High and Vertical Lift sectional doors
  • Can also be used on Rolling doors and Grilles
  • Comes with a chain hoist for manual operation and a floor level engaging device
  • Clearence: side room required 16"
  • 25 cycles per day > 100 cycles per day
  • .......more details

Erone Krypto 2-Door IP Controller

  • The ATRIUM A22K two door IP controller works perfectly with the most popular Wiegand card readers or with the embedded KRYPTO high-security solution providing the best of both worlds in access control.
  • KRYPTO is the easiest solution to manage DESFire® EV2/EV3 smart credentials on the market making worries of card cloning a thing of the past.
  • The auto restore of encryption keys upon power failure ensures an effortless system start up and management.
  • Additionally the A22K can easily be converted to an Elevator Controller (A22KEC) Schlage Door Handle Controller (ADH2K) or Aperio Door Handle Controller (A2PK) as needed.
  • Controls 2 doors / 4 readers (entry/exit per reader port)
  • Add more A22Ks to expand your system up to 500 doors
  • .......more details

Exterior Curtain Lock for DS-75 Mini Roll-Up Door


Micanan Fraba Photocell UPCHARGE Nema 4/4X Supplied In Lieu of N1 Eyes

  • UPCHARGE only when replacing N1 eyes at time of purchase
  • Exterior Through-Beam Photocell
  • Sensing Distance 45 Feet
  • UL325/2010 Recognized Component
  • Comes with Sender Receiver and Brackets
  • NEMA 4 & 4X
  • .......more details

Zap 8825 Series-3 1HP 115V Medium Duty Jackshaft Op

  • Compatible door sizes: Up to 240 sq. ft./1200 lbs.
  • Contains the motor two pulleys & one belt
  • Requires 7” side clearance & 3 ½” clearance above center spring shaft
  • Features include auto close timer cycle counter and service due reminder
  • Auxiliary capabilities include interior/exterior lighting wall controls swipe card devices dock equipment motion sensors alarm systems & more
  • Simple installation of motor assembly to spring shaft
  • .......more details

Bearing SS Geaseable 1-in SS Housing


LiftMaster Residential 24V DC Swing Gate Operator All-In-One UL325

  • LED DIAGNOSTIC DISPLAY Simplifies installation and troubleshooting.
  • WIRELESS DUAL-GATE COMMUNICATION Eliminates expensive conduit costs and unsightly driveway scars.
  • BI-PART DELAY Monitors and adjusts speed and position of each wing to ensure primary gate closes last.
  • PROGRAMMABLE AUXILIARY RELAYS Easily add additional features such as warning lights/alarms.
  • ANTI-TAILGATE Prevents unauthorized access. Gate will pause when closing as vehicle pulls onto interrupt loop or breaks photo beam. Once vehicle backs up gate will continue to close.
  • .......more details

Steelcraft Intermediate Section Seal V-Bead Sold by the Foot


LiftMaster Belt Cap Retainer

  • Same as 41C4371

Linear Battery Backup Unit for LDCO800 Models

  • Easily integrates with all Linear LDCO800 Garage Door Operators
  • Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
  • Delivers smooth efficient power in the event of a power failure
  • Compact kit contains all necessary installation/mounting hardware
  • Dimensions: 4.25" W x 5.00" H x 3.12" D

Doorlec Electric Motor 3/4HP 115/230V DC403C

  • Bolts to gearhead (c-flange) openers

LiftMaster Square Rail Trolley Kit Chain Drive

  • Same as: 062313 41C5141 41C5141-1
  • Compatible with all Chamberlain and Craftsman square rail chain drive models

Power Cord AC 3/16 AWG SJT 6 ft

  • SJT type cord is an appliance grade power cord designed for use with heavy tools equipment portable lights
  • 3 Conductor
  • 3 pin
  • Black
  • Works with AC and DC openers
  • Same as: 041B4245 1B2843 026B0073 41B4245-1 210964-01 41B2991 41B4245
  • .......more details

Manaras Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator 1/2 HP 120V with Electronic Circuit Board Left Hand

  • Designed for use on standard high and vertical lift sectional doors
  • Can also be used on small rolling doors and grills
  • Single phase intermittent-duty motor has instant reverse and internal automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Mechanical brake
  • Floor level disconnect mechanism which must be engaged for manual push-up operation
  • 14 cycles per hour 50 cycles per day
  • .......more details

Stanley Secure Code 3-Button Mini Transmitter 310 MHz

  • Open/Close mini remote for 3 doors
  • Does not work with digital style radios
  • Works with openers with Radio Learn button

LiftMaster Plastic E-Box Assembly for LA500CONT

  • Plastic replacement box only

Truck Door Heavy-Duty Cable Anchor Bracket Black for Whiting Roll-Up Doors

  • Steel construction
  • Allows proper rotation of cable head
  • Cross ref: Whiting 5803

LiftMaster Rod 1/2-13x64 Threaded Take-Up Bolt

  • Used on slide gate operators using #50 chain.
  • Also referred to as adjuster bolts

LiftMaster Commercial DC Barrier Gate Operator Mega Arm Tower with Batteries ***Must include (2) x 29-NP712 battery***

  • 24VDC barrier gate operator with battery backup
  • Continuous-duty motor with soft start/stop
  • Exceptional starting torque and continuous operation
  • Heavy-duty motor supports 6000 cycles per day
  • Operator speed of 2.5 seconds to open or close
  • Aluminum alloy chassis
  • .......more details

Genie Traveler for Chain and Belt Drive Models ** To Extent of Inventory

  • Replacement carriage for models: 1022/24/26 2022/24/26 and 2200
  • Comes with a pull cord for manual release.

LiftMaster Coax Antenna Connection Kit JF

  • For use on Medium-Duty commercial operators only

LiftMaster Transformer 50/60Hz 60va 120/208/240/480V

  • 120/208/240/480V PRIMARY 24V SECONDARY

Manaras Monitored Photoelectric Cells N4X (Fraba)

  • Monitored NEMA 4X enclosure through-beam type photocell
  • 4-Wire
  • Suited for industrial environments
  • Range: 45 ft
  • Supplied with 3ft of wire

Battery AAA Alkaline Duracell Procell Sold Individually

  • Sold Individually

Doorlec DC-3200T 32-Channel O/C/S Transmitter 313 MHz

  • Wall mount transmitter for 32-doors
  • Includes 9V battery
  • Old style

Manaras MR-1000 1-Channel 24V Receiver 313 MHz ** Replaced by RADIO-RE900

  • Controls one operator with MT series transmitters.
  • Operates on 24VAC.
  • A LED indicates that the unit has been activated.
  • Can be installed directly onto the control box of a Manaras operator.

Micanan Banner Intrinsically Safe Reflective Photocell ONLY (0-25ft. Range)

  • Model Q45AD9LV same as part # 37620
  • Range: 9 m; Input: 5-15V dc
  • Output: NAMUR
  • 2 m (6.5 ft) cable
  • Nema rating: NEMA 6P
  • DOES NOT include the bracket or the reflector. Use MV00482 for the kit
  • .......more details

Liftmaster Comm. 16FT Trolley Angle set (10-5816-P x 2) and #41 chain pack (TDC41-16) ***Actual length 227"***

  • Double Angle Rails for doors up to 16'6" high
  • Includes #41 chain pack

LiftMaster Floor Level Wall Controller with LCD Display

  • Compatible with LiftMaster MAXUM Commercial Door Operators.
  • 4-line LCD display gives you access to more information at all times
  • Bringing programming troubleshooting and Diagnostics down to the floor level will save you time and money
  • Menu based user interface allows you to scroll through edit and save options and settings easily.
  • Dimensions: 3.586” W x 8.166” H x 1.732” D

LiftMaster Articulating Aluminum Arm 10ft x 3in w/Reflective DOT Tape (Hardware Kit NOT Included)

  • For use on Mega-Arm gate operator
  • Hardware kit MA033 NOT included
  • Red & White Retro-Reflectorized DOT Tape

LiftMaster Steel Stand for Mounting to Concerte Pad

  • Stand height: 7.5 in.
  • Compatible with SL3000UL

ODCC Replacement Panel Bottom Section ** Color and Size to be Specified. Price by Quote Only

  • Special order item

Todco Special Order Plywood Core Dry Freight Door Price by Quote Only

  • TODCO patented the Transportation Core™ a 3/4" 7-ply premium-grade plywood that forms the foundation of the door.
  • It has a hardwood outer veneer that virtually eliminates wood grain "telegraphing" giving a smoother more uniform look that lasts.
  • The TOUGHSHELL® system is a multi-layered formulation of liquid polymers that are specifically designed to work together on wood substrates and provide a state-of-the-art defense against moisture abrasion temperature extremes harsh chemicals even UV damage
  • Standard on all TODCO Dryfreight and TODCOLD® doors only EverWare™ rivets give you the protection of stainless steel – without the cost.

LiftMaster Gate Arm Bracket

  • Designed for use on all Mega Arm gate openers
  • Bracket will work with either right-hand or left-hand operation gate arm.

Chateau E-Z Cylinder Lock for Mini Storage Door

  • Exclusive easy keyless installation & locking
  • Front loaded for maximum security
  • Solid brass and chrome-plated body
  • Solid brass mechanism with high security anti-pick pins

Decorative Hardware Escutcheon Plate Spade Steel Black

  • Black powder coat with crinkle finish

LiftMaster C-Clamp Kit SL595U Qty 2

  • Complete kit includes: (2) C clamps with mounting hardware

BEA LZR Metal Bracket Accessory

  • Mounting bracket only for the LZR industrial sensors including: LZR-I30 LZR-S600 LZR-H100 LZR-U920/U921

Aluminum 24" x 100' Spool Rockwell Blue / Bleu Rockwell # 5P2

  • 20% thicker than the aluminum sold in retail stores (0.022" )
  • Gentek # 5P2
  • Reverse side is #431 Bright White

RENO 11-Pin Amphenol Style Connector 12-24V Single Channel Loop Detector *** To Extent of Inventory

  • The Model B is a full featured single channel dual output vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology found in all of Reno A & E s vehicle detectors.
  • All detector functions and settings are configured by using a set of eight internal DIP switches and a front panel mounted pushbutton switch
  • Dimensions: 11-Pin Models - 3.00 inches (7.62 cm) high x 1.75 inches (4.45 cm) wide x 4.30 inches (10.92 cm) deep

Ladder Bumpers Red Set of 2

  • Helps protect walls from dents and scratches
  • Fits most standard extension ladders
  • No-Mar flexible foam

Janus Reduced Drive Chain Hoist Kit

  • Chain hoist 5.7:1 cast iron reduction
  • Works for Models 2000/2500/3100
  • 12" barrel
  • Works on doors over 10’0” wide or 10’0” tall

Lynx Pocket Wheel for HDC


Garex Ready to Install Door Special Order

  • R16 Insulation - Narrow multi rib pattern - Available in steel (std colours) or aluminum (white and grey) - A variety of decorative windows can be added - Custom colours can be factory painted - Multiple hardware configurations are available to accomodate site requirements - Composite end blocks eliminates corrosion and wood deterioration

BEA 3-Button Digital Transmitter Nema 4 900 MHz

  • Compact transmitter allowing wireless activation of any door control providing greater line-of-sight distance than legacy wireless frequencies.
  • It also provides better penetration of obstacles.
  • IP65
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 55C
  • Controls one 10RD900 receiver

Door Strut 3" Hemmed 30ft Long

  • Reinforcement bar 3"

Doorlec Cable 5ft with Antenna


Door Strut 2-1/4" Hemmed 16ft Long

  • Reinforcement bar 2-1/4"

LiftMaster Chain #40x71 No Master Link

  • #40 x 71 pitch no master link
  • Same as G194071
  • Compatible with LiftMaster Model SL595GL Slide Gate Operators.

LiftMaster Sentinal 20' Manual Lift Gate SM Includes Arm and Base

  • Also known as: 14000S-20
  • Includes 20ft lift arm and lift base
  • Non- motorized traffic control for unmanned entrances that do not require credentialed access.
  • Type: Surface Manual Lift Barrier Gates
  • Color: Red and White
  • Length/Weight: 20 ft. (233 lbs. ea.)
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Dual Voltage Slide Gate Op.2 HP 208/230/460V 3 Phase - Heater NOT Incl. UL325

  • UL 325 compliant system.
  • Power: 208/230/460/575 VAC. 3 Phase.
  • Accessory power: 24VAC 500mA max.
  • Monitored safety inputs: 3 Main Board 3 Expansion Board.
  • Temperature specs: Without Heater: -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C). With optional heater (HTRNB: HTR460 for 460V operators): -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)
  • Gate travel speed: 12 in. per second.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Solar Kit 24V 33AH for LA500 Gate Operator

  • Charges the gate access system battery using solar power
  • Ideal for remote and sunny areas without access to an AC outlet
  • Replaces the need for gate access system transformer
  • Can be mounted to almost any fence gate or post
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included
  • Contains (2) SOLPNL20W12V solar panels
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Single Arm Solar Package for LA412DC XL Gate Operator UL325 ***Includes (1x) K94-37236 Solar Harness (1x) SP20W12V Solar Panel (1x) LMRRUL Photo Eye (1x) A12330SGLPK Battery (12V) (1x) LA412DC Actuator Arm (1x) XLSOLARCONTUL Control Box

  • Access your property like never before. With MyQ® Technology you can monitor and control your gate from anywhere and get in quickly and securely with the built-in interference eliminating Security+ 2.0® radio.
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Housing DC Motor powerful enough to perform in the most demanding applications.
  • Soft start/stop operation extends operator and hardware life for heavy-duty gate use.
  • Gate Size rated for gates up to 16 ft. in length or weighing up to 850 lbs.
  • Includes: Single arm control box solar harness kit solar panel kit 12V 20W LMRRU photoeye and battery 12V 33 Ah.
  • Item codes: XLSOLARCONTUL SP20W12V LMRRUL LA412DC K94-37236 A12330SGLPK
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Drum Brake Kit 3 Ph 575V (Late Model Logic 5 Shoe and Drum Models)

  • Internal Solenoid Drum Brake with Cable Replacement Kit.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Logic 5.0 Model T SD J H and HJ Industrial-Duty Operators.
  • Complete service kit includes: Solenoid Cover Brake Solenoid Brake Drum Cable Mounting Plate and Installation Hardware.
  • Quiet preferred sound profile
  • Industry benchmark stopping performance with adjustability
  • Significantly reduced modes of failure
  • .......more details

Micanan 3-btn O/C/S Nema-1 Pushbutton Control Station

  • Surface mount

Gear Wheel Nylon Sold in Pairs

  • Dynaco Gear Wheel for Rapid Roll Door
  • Sold in Pairs

LiftMaster Single Arm Solar Package for LA500 Gate Operator UL325 (Include (2x) SP10W12V Solar Panels (1x) XLSOLARCONTUL Control Box (1x) K94-37236 Solar Harness (1x) LMRRUL Photoeye (1x) K10-36183 Battery Tray (2x) A12330SGLPK Batt. (1x) LA500DC)

  • Kit Includes: LA500DC arm XL Solar control box (XLSOLARCONTU) which includes two 10WATT 12V Solar panels compatible with LA400 LA412 and LA500 Universal Solar harness (K94-37236) Monitored Retro Reflective Photos Eyes (LMRRU) Battery Tray (K10-36183) and two batteies (A12330SGLPK)
  • For dual gates order extra LA500DCS secondary arm
  • Updated unit complies with new UL325 code revised Jan 2016
  • Commercial Duty Cast Aluminum Housing with Heavy-Duty DC Motor powerful enough to perform in the most demanding applications. Soft start/stop operation extends operator and hardware life for heavy-duty gate use.

Pusher Spring HD for Commercial/Industrial Applications Sold as a Pair

  • Universal mounting can be configured to accommodate for limited room at the end of the horizontal tracks
  • Sold as pairs

LiftMaster Premium Series 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi

  • P3 Motors from LiftMaster are reliable durable and powerful – designed specifically for your needs.
  • Security+ 2.0 – with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens only for you.
  • PosiLock locks down your garage door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening.
  • Alert-2-Close warning system provides audible and visual warnings when the garage door is about to close when using MyQ Technology.
  • The Protector System has safety sensors that project a light beam across the garage door opening automatically reversing the door if anything interrupts the beam.
  • Built in Wi-Fi for the easiest way to connect the garage.
  • .......more details

Perforated Angle 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 10 ft 16 g Red

  • 10 pieces of 10ft per bundle.

Wayne Dalton Residential Rubber Bottom Seal Sold per Foot

  • Fits 8000 and 9000 series steel doors
  • Designed for Thermaguard Foamcore and Thermawayne style doors
  • Works with most of the following Wayne Dalton door models: FCII 8000 8100 8200 9100 9400 9600 9700 9800 2411 2415 TS125 TG TW and many others.
  • 3-1/4" bead width

Safety Inertia Brake 1-1/2" Bore 8851 Torque

  • Provides a bearing to support the shaft and prevent the fall of a door if sudden acceleration occurs.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial use; specifically with rolling shutters and rolling doors.
  • Normal Torque: 8851
  • Locking Torque: 31509

Wayne Dalton Wired Infrared Safety Sensors (WD-252118)

  • Beam sensor kit for all Wayne Dalton Quantum Classic Drive idrive Doormaster Wizard and Prodrive garage door opener models.
  • Parts no. 260597 260600 same as part numbers 157165 157166 318873 252118
  • Includes: Sensors with wires Mounting brackets Fasteners and Instructions

FAAC XP30 Photocells 30m Range Relay

  • Hardwired pair of Photocell relays
  • 30m Range
  • IP54
  • 24v
  • Dimensions: 55 L x 78 H x21 D mm