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Erone 2-Relay Stand Alone Receiver 433MHz

  • Up to 85 transmitter keys
  • 1 NO relay 1 NO/NC relay (24VA)
  • Self-learning memorization
  • Standard pulse output relay .......more details

Linear 2-Channel Delta3 Receiver 310 MHz

  • Activates two devices
  • Wire lead antenna
  • 12 and 24 Volt models
  • Two-channel wireless radio control designed for use with automatic garage/gate operators and access control systems. .......more details

Marantec Universal Receiver / Remote Kit 315 MHz

  • Universal receiver kit includes one plug-in radio receiver and one M3-2312 remote control transmitter
  • Universal receiver plugs directly into the wall outlet
  • Same as part # 73870

Allstar MVP 3 Channel 24V 3 Terminal 4 Wire Receiver 318 MHz

  • 3 channels 4-wire 3-terminal operator connection
  • Wire antenna included
  • Compatible with Allstar Classic Allistar and Pulsar dipswitch transmitters and MVP quik-code transmitters
  • Power: 24 VAC/VDC .......more details

Linear 1-Channel MegaCode Universal Plug-In Receiver 318 MHz

  • Makes any garage door operator compatible with MegaCode transmitters
  • Simple plug-in design
  • Easy to install - one connection using two-conductor wire
  • Memory: storage for up to 10 MegaCode transmitters .......more details

Allstar MVP 1-Door O/C/S Receiver 318 MHz

  • Three channels - three relay outputs
  • 8-wire operator connection
  • Wire whip antenna with "F" connector
  • Compatible with Allstar Classic Allister and Pulsar dipswitch transmitters and MVP quik-code transmitters .......more details

Linear 1-Channel Delta3 Gate Receiver 310 MHz

  • 1-Channel Gate Receiver
  • High-sensitivity short-range radio receiver
  • Operates in conjunction with the 9-inch local antenna (supplied).
  • Designed for use with automatic gate operators or systems where a remote antenna is needed. .......more details

Micanan 1-Channel 24V Receiver with Antenna


Linear 1-Ch DR3A Delta3 Receiver 310 MHz

  • 310 MHz frequency 8 dip switches for coding 256 possible codes
  • 24V AC/DC input power 3 terminal connection
  • Activates one device
  • Dimensions: 5.5" W x 4" H x 1.25" D .......more details

LiftMaster Plug-In Power Supply

  • Plug-in jack for easy installation on Liftmaster receivers
  • Power input level: 105-135AC 24AC output

LiftMaster Universal Receiver Sec+ 2.0

  • Designed for both gated communities and commercial buildings.
  • Innovative and esclusive narrow band multi-frequency radio which virtually eliminates radio interference and eliminates customer call backs due to poor range performance.
  • Three channels provide expanded remote control capacity: Channel 1 - 50 remotes Channel 2 - 20 remotes Channel 3 - 20 remotes
  • Multiple remote control options available to provide secure access from the safety and convenience of a vehicle .......more details

Allstar MVP 1-Channel 4-Wire Gate Receiver 318 MHz

  • One channel
  • 4-wire operator connection
  • Wire whip antenna with "F" connector
  • Compatible with Allstar Classic Allister and Pulsar dipswitch transmitters and MVP quik-code transmitters .......more details

Allstar 1-Door O/C/S Receiver 107480 318 MHz ** To Extent of Inventory

  • Three channels - three relay outputs
  • Textured aluminum case
  • Terminal strip for wiring
  • Wire whip antenna with "F" connector .......more details

LiftMaster 3-Channel Co-Axial Receiver 390 MHz

  • 8" coaxial antenna included
  • Used for open/stop/close on commercial motors
  • N/O and N/C selectable

LiftMaster Universal Plug-in Receiver 390 MHz

  • Compatible with any garage door opener with a simple 2-wire dry contact
  • Includes 2-conductor bell wire
  • Able to accept 8 Security transmitters & 1 digital keypad or 1 dip-switch transmitter and 12 billion code transmitters

Lynx External Receiver

  • Add to most operator systems
  • Use with either residential or commercial applications
  • Unlimited transmitter capacity

LiftMaster Universal Coaxial Receiver Sec+ 315 MHz

  • External 8" coaxial antenna included
  • Security rolling code technology and/or Dip switch compatibility
  • 12 VDC or 18-35 VAC/DC jumper selectable
  • Momentary or constant contact selectable .......more details

Micanan 24V Commercial Receiver CR32-24V


LiftMaster Single Channel Co-axial Radio Receiver 4 Wire 390MHz

  • 390MHz universal coaxial receiver for Open/Close
  • Will accept 15 remotes on "High Security" or 31 remotes on "Normal security"
  • 8" wire antenna included (part #41C3196)
  • Input voltage 12-24V AC/DC

Manaras plug-in receiver for Board 70 operators 390 MHz

  • Direct ECB plug-in receiver card kit (RADIO-RE101C) for adding or replacing on-site.
  • Maximum 16 transmitters per receiver.
  • Compatible with transmitters RADIOEM101 and RADIOEM103 SD/MD