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LiftMaster LED Barrier Arm Hardware Kit

  • Service kit to connect new LED arm to existing barrier gate
  • Includes bolts 3" (2) nylon nuts (2) washers (2) 1/2" watertight connector 48" extension cable for breakaway connector "Y" cable and 12 Vdc power supply

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1 HP 115/208-230V 1Ph Logic 5

  • For use with various LiftMaster® Logic 5.0 1-Phase Industrial-Duty Commercial Door Operators
  • Includes wiring harness

LiftMaster Drum Brake Kit 1 Ph 115/230V

  • Internal Solenoid Drum Brake with Cable (120V Single Phase) Replacement Kit.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster® Logic 5.0 Model T SD J H and HJ Industrial-Duty Operators.
  • Complete service kit includes: Solenoid Cover Brake Solenoid Brake Drum Cable Mounting Plate and Installation Hardware.
  • Quiet preferred sound profile
  • Industry benchmark stopping performance with adjustability
  • Significantly reduced modes of failure
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Nylon Arm Nuts 50/Pkg

  • For barrier gate models MADCBB MATDCBB MASDCBB & MASTDCBB

LiftMaster Heater Kit for DC Pad mount Gate Operators

  • Heater kit for pad mount DC gate operators.
  • Includes battery bracket.
  • Protects system to -40° F and installs on operator frame

LiftMaster Primary Actuator Arm for Single Gate Applications 12VDC New Version

  • New version has red stripe but will still work on the old LA400

LiftMaster Single Phase Relay/Power Board (K001D8396-1)

  • For Logic 5 commercial operators
  • Same as K001D8396-1
  • 014D1276E

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly Kit 2010 and later 315 MHz

  • UL325 Replacement circuit board for Medium-Duty Logic Commercial Operators
  • Used on models MJ MH MHS MT BMT and MGJ (UL325 compliant operators)
  • 315 MHz intergral radio receiver accepts 20 Sec+ remotes or unlimited dip switch

LiftMaster Reset Switch

  • Compatible with LiftMaster RSW12UL CSW24V swing gate operators
  • Switch to Reset/Disconnect position to disconnect the operator for manual operation
  • Switch to Normal Operation position to return to automatic gate operator functions
  • Dimensions: 3/4" L x 3/8" W x 2" H

LiftMaster 1" Ball Bearing

  • For use with various LiftMaster® Heavy Industrial-Duty Commercial Door Operators and Commercial Access Solutions.
  • Drive shaft bearing
  • Same as K12-12004

LiftMaster Brake Hub Assembly

  • Assembly includes: Brake hub set screw push-on fastener and feather key

Brake Solenoid 115-120V

  • Used on all brands of commercial door and gate operators
  • Same as Solenoid001

LiftMaster Limit Switch Commercial

  • Will work on LiftMaster and Micanan operators

LiftMaster LED Barrier Arm 12 ft

  • The NEW LED Barrier Arm provides exceptional visibility 24 hours a day.
  • Durable aluminum arm with integrated red LED lights on one side and Red/White DOT tape on both sides.
  • Ideal for use with the Mega Arm and Mega Arm Tower

LiftMaster Cogged Vbelt 5L 30"


LiftMaster Limit Switch Kit

  • For models T H Logic 5 and various L3 L4 commercial operators
  • Also known as: K75-12515-1 K75-12514

LiftMaster Control Board HCT

  • Replaced Q400D-HCT

LiftMaster White Aluminum Arm with Retro-Reflective DOT Tape 17 ft

  • For use on Mega-Arm gate operator
  • Red White reflective DOT stripe

LiftMaster Counterweight for Arms 15ft & Up


LiftMaster Thermostat Controlled 500-Watt Heater & fan for MAT Gate Operators and more

  • For temperatures below 32 F
  • Designed for use with Mega Arm Tower gate operator
  • Can be used for other applications as required
  • Heater operates when termperatures are below freezing
  • Plugs into a standard 120V outlet
  • 500 Watts with a circulating fan
  • .......more details