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LiftMaster Light Curtain Monitored

  • The Monitored Light Curtain is a primary safety entrapment protection device that is compliant with UL 325.
  • IP67 Water-resistant housing anodized aluminum corrosion resistant
  • Operating Temperature: -40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)
  • Liftmaster Compatibility: LOGIC 5.0 Medium-Duty DDO8900W / LJ8900W / LJ8950W / ATSWVFOH HPH1 / HPH2 HCTDCUL Fire Door Egress

LiftMaster 24VDC High Traffic Commercial Swing Operator

  • 24VDC swing gate operator with battery backup
  • Heater NOT included. Heater sold separately # HTR
  • Continuous-duty motor with soft start/stop
  • Receiver holds up to 50 remotes
  • Power: 115V or 220V Single Phase
  • Built-in surge protection
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Elite Series 3/4HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi Lock Garage Door Opener

  • MyQ® Technology now with Wi-Fi enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener with a smartphone tablet or laptop.
  • P3™ Motors provide proven reliability and durability.
  • ¾ HP AC Motor Chain Drive System is built to provide maximum power to lift the heaviest doors including carriage house and solid wood.
  • I-Beam Rail System and reinforced chassis with chain drive provides maximum support.
  • Security+ 2.0® safeguards garage access – with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener ensuring the door does not inadvertently open.
  • Timer-to-Close automatically closes the door after a pre-programmed number of minutes.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Light Curtain

  • Must be used with a primary entrapment device and be installed along the vertical plane of the door.
  • Color-coded transmitter and receiver for easy identification.
  • Provides 36 in. of effective height coverage to increase the area of protection.
  • Multiple sets of LC-36A curtains can be mounted on a door providing coverage flexibility.
  • Maximum door width of 33 ft. ensures coverage for most commercial doors.
  • Eight (8) LEDs per side and 22 cross-beams produce an invisible curtain of infrared light for maximum detection capability.
  • .......more details

LiftMaster 10' chain drive rail 3710CH / CD1010

  • I-Beam chain rail for 3595 & ATS
  • Space required: 2" above heighest point of travel of the door

LiftMaster Option Card Solid State


LiftMaster Universal Plug-in Receiver 315 MHz

  • Compatible with any garage door opener with a simple 2-wire dry contact
  • Includes 2-conductor bell wire
  • Able to accept 8 Security+ transmitters & 1 digital keypad
  • Compatible remotes; 893MAX 890MAX 892LT 373LM 371LM 374UT 375UT

LiftMaster New Wireless Commercial Keypad 5-Code Sec.+2.0

  • Designed to work exclusively with Security+ 2.0
  • 5 permanent PINs and 10 unique temporary PINs ideal for residential and small commercial applications; unique temporary PINs can be set for 1 to 9 uses
  • Allows for removal of a single PIN while maintaining full access for other users
  • High-impact polycarbonate front cover; perfect for rugged outdoor environment
  • Blue backlit metal keypad makes it easy to use under low-light conditions
  • Electronics are fully sealed and meet NEMA 4X water protection requirements
  • .......more details

LiftMaster 1-btn Dip-Style Transmitter Sec+ 2.0 Backward Compatible

  • LiftMaster Programmable DIP single-button remote control.
  • Programmable to be: Encrypted DIP Security+2.0 (811LM) - Default 315 MHz DIP (361LM) 390 MHz DIP (61LM)
  • Ideal for applications such as gated communities or commercial applications requiring a large number of remote controls for a common entrance.
  • Compatible for cloning with 892LT & 894LT Learning Remote Controls.
  • Easy to program to previous technology.
  • Battery: CR2032 •
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Commercial Access Control Receiver Security+ 2.0

  • Security+ 2.0™ technology provides 2X the range of standard remote controls
  • Compatible with HomeLink Wireless Control System
  • 1000 remote capacity to support large quantity remote control requirements
  • Single and block addition
  • Supports suspending and unsuspending of remote controls to withhold and reinstate access
  • Designed for outdoor environments
  • .......more details

LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel with TTC Sec+ 2.0

  • Works with ANY Liftmaster Sears Chamberlain Access Master Master Mechanic Formula I True Value True Guard and Raynor Garage Door Opener Manufactured after 1998 using a amber / orange yellow or purple learn button.
  • Replaces existing control panel
  • Simple programming of new MyQ accessories and Security+ 2.0 remote controls and keyless entry products
  • Motion-activated opener light control
  • Adjustable light timer option
  • Lock feature
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Drive Chain Kit APT

  • Also known as: 30515363 305105363

LiftMaster 3-btn Transmitter Security+ 2.0

  • Can be used as a replacement remote control for 80 Series 970 Series and 370 Series LiftMaster remote controls.
  • Compatible with 315 MHz or 390 MHz garage door openers manufactured after January 1 1993.
  • For use with gate operators commercial door operators or other products that are 315 MHz or 390 MHz and have a Learn Button.
  • Same as Chamberlain 953EV

LiftMaster Drive Gear and Worm Kit (No Sprocket)

  • Also known as: 081B0045 062216 081C0179 81B45 2612159

LiftMaster Commercial DC Barrier Gate Operator Mega Arm Tower with Batteries ***Must include (2) x 29-NP712 battery***

  • 24VDC barrier gate operator with battery backup
  • Continuous-duty motor with soft start/stop
  • Exceptional starting torque and continuous operation
  • Heavy-duty motor supports 6000 cycles per day
  • Operator speed of 2.5 seconds to open or close
  • Aluminum alloy chassis
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Smart Control Panel Sec+ 2.0 Wi-Fi

  • Menu-driven panel gives you complete control of the garage door opener; easily view inside garage temperature time and system diagnostics
  • Equipped with the Maintenance Alert System
  • On-board programming capability makes it easy to program remote controls and MyQ enabled accessories and adjust settings
  • Timer-to-Close automatically closes the garage door in 1 5 or 10 minutes; custom setting from 1-99 minutes
  • Displays Fahrenheit or Celsuis
  • Motion detector automatically turns on garage door lights when movement is sensed
  • .......more details

LiftMaster Wireless Control Panel Security+2.0

  • For use with Security+ 2.0 garage door openers that have a yellow Learn button.
  • The wireless control panel can be used as a secondary device to open & close the garage door and to turn on & off the lights on the opener.

LiftMaster 3-btn O/C/S Transmitter 390MHz *** Available to Extent of Inventory

  • 390 MHz 9 dip switch three button visor remote
  • Can be used for Open/Stop/Close when used with the LiftMaster 423LMC receiver.
  • Visor clip & 12V battery included (ALK12V)
  • Same as 33LM
  • Can be used as a substitute for 63LMC

LiftMaster Electronic Circuit Board Assembly

  • Assembly includes: Logic board end panel and light sockets
  • For belt drive models with 2-lights
  • Same as 41AB050-2M

LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock

  • Automatic operation performs in tandem with the opener so it always locks and unlocks.
  • Anywhere assurance smartphone monitoring with the MyQ® App means homeowners always know that the garage is secure
  • Absolute protection the automatic deadbolt lock makes the garage door virtually impenetrable
  • Comes included with 8500W
  • Works on models 8550WLB 8360W 8587W & WLED
  • same as Part # 001D8875
  • .......more details