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LiftMaster Crank Input for SL3000 (K75-50242)


LiftMaster Motor Pulley 2-1/2" OD 1/2" Bore (K17-50098)

  • Replacement motor pulley of motor output shaft for Liftmaster Elite models SL3000UL and CSW2000UL

LiftMaster Electric Motor 1/2 HP 115/230V 1P Base Mount

  • Replacement motor for APT
  • Also known as 20-1050B-2RL 20-1050B-2R K20-1050B2R

LiftMaster Limit Switch Shaft Kit

  • For models MT BMT MJ MH and MHS logic control
  • Kit includes: limit shaft limit nuts limit bearings limit sprocket washers compression ring roll pin and e-ring

LiftMaster Limit Switch for Elite Gate Operators (K23-50099)

  • Sold individually
  • For Elite Miracle-One arm SL3000 CSW200 and robo slide and robo swing gate operators.
  • Same as part no. K23-50099

LiftMaster Split Coupling (41B6299 / 41D8615)

  • Same as # 41B6299 and 41D8615
  • Compatible with all Liftmaster 3800 3900 & 8500 Residential and Commercial Jackshaft Operators.
  • Door shaft collar RJO

LiftMaster Circuit Board Assembly Kit 2008 315 MHz

  • Replacement circuit board for Medium-Duty Logic Commercial Operators
  • Used on models MJ MH MHS MT BMT and MGJ (non- UL325 compliant operators)
  • 315 MHz intergral radio receiver accepts 20 Sec remotes or unlimited dip switch

LiftMaster Limit Switch Commercial DP DT

  • Double limit switch DP DT
  • For LiftMaster and Micanan operators

Manaras Band Brake Assembly Kit

  • Does not include solenoid
  • Replacement brake kit for operators that are belt driven and have a brake. Works with OSH OTBH
  • Will not work with Gear-Head operators

Doorlec Cam Shaft

  • This limit shaft will work on all Side-Mount Doorlec Openers
  • Cam shaft 5/8" (1.59 cm) - 24 x 10 3/4" (9.5 cm) fine thread

LiftMaster Clutch Shaft Kit

  • Assembly includes: Clutch shaft keyed flange bearing dual sprocket 32/14 14-tooth sprocket E-ring compression sprocket chain wheel assembly pulley assembly chain guide assembly shim & thrust washers and roll pins

LiftMaster RPM Sensor Assembly

  • RPM sensor for Liftmaster Logic Control L2 L3 L4 & L5 Commercial operators

Manaras Clutch Shaft Kit for MJH (pre-1998)

  • Input / clutch shaft kit for MJH models up to mid-1998
  • Kit includes V-belt 4L360 to fit with newer deeper pulley
  • For MJH built after 1999 use MOUNTSHAFT001A

LiftMaster Vbelt 5L 30.4"


Manaras Single Snap-Action Limit Switch with 'S' Lever

  • For all Manaras commercial operators prior to 2000 - except light duty models
  • Can be used on Doorlec Lynx and others
  • Unimax (SPDT)

Manaras Single Snap-Action Limit Switch with Flat Lever

  • Replacement for LIMIT001
  • For all Manaras commercial operators prior to 2000 - except light duty models
  • Can be used on Doorlec Lynx and others
  • Unimax (SPDT)

LiftMaster Logic 5 Board Kit with Current Sense- 1Ph & 3Ph L5

  • The K001D8395 is a 1 Phase and 3 Phase L5 logic board replacement kit.
  • This kit is compatible with LiftMaster® 3 Phase Commercial Door Operators manufactured after April 2016 only.
  • This L5 logic board is equipped with current sense.
  • All 3 Phase operators made after April 2016 will require this board.

Manaras Telemecanique Overload 3-ph 1.2 - 1.8A

  • Telemecanique # LR2K0307

Transformer 115-24V AC 20VA

  • 120V Primary 24V Secondary 20VA

Brake Solenoid 230-240V

  • Used on all brands of commercial door and gate operators
  • 2 wire connection