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Micanan Brake Shoe and Drum Assembly

  • Fits Micanan models: TB APTB JB HB HHB LH LJ & SD
  • Assembly includes: Both right & left brake shoe and the drum

Manaras V-Belt 5L 37" - repl. by B34

  • 5L370

Manaras V-Belt 5L 35" - repl. by B32

  • Used on MTH MTBH MSL models
  • Type B
  • Inside length 32 inches

Manaras Steel Brake Drum Flat Track - replaces DRUM001

  • Replaces DRUM001
  • Brake drum for all operators except Gear Head models prior to 1999.
  • Use with BRAKEPART018

Manaras Single Limit Switch with 46 degree Lever

  • Single limit switch (SPDT) used to stop the door at top and bottom or as disconnect switch
  • Unimax
  • Snap-action

Manaras Collar 5/8"


Manaras Steel Collar 0.375" ID


Manaras Trolley Carriage Aluminum Die Cast


Manaras Electric Motor 1/2HP 120/240V 1PH Wired

  • Continuous-duty base mount 60Hz

Manaras Limit Shaft Kit Opera


Manaras Double Limit Switch without Lever

  • Double limit switch (DPDT) - Cherry
  • The extra contact is used to control auxiliary equipment
  • Applies to all current operators

LiftMaster Limit Shaft Kit

  • For models H J and HJ Logic 3 Logic 4 and Logic 5 commercial operators
  • Kit includes: Limit shaft Limit nuts Limit bearings Limit sprocket Interrupter cup Shim washers Compression ring Roll pin and E-rings.

Manaras Clutch Shaft Kit for MJH

  • Input / clutch shaft kit for MJH built after 1999

Manaras Replacement Circuit Board (No Monitoring)

  • Replacement kit that includes BOARD060 (control board) & BOARD066R (power board)
  • For all Manaras operators built before October 2010
  • For newer models built after October 2010 use BOARD070 or replacement kit BOARD075

Safety Inertia Brake 1" Bore

  • Provides a bearing to support the shaft and prevent the fall of a door if sudden acceleration occurs.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial use; specifically with rolling shutters and balanced and well maintained rolling doors.
  • Fully resettable and reusable after lockout ocurrs.
  • Commonly paired with commercial safety bottom brackets in sectional door applications. .......more details

Manaras V-Belt 4L 37"

  • Used on MJH models from 1980 - 2000

Manaras V-Belt 4L 36" - repl. by A34

  • Used on MJ / MJH models
  • New belt type A replaces old 4L360. Part number VBELTA34

Manaras Clutch Shaft Kit for MTBH with 5/8" Shaft

  • For operators made with a 5/8" shaft
  • For very old model MTBH built with 1" shaft - use part number MOUNTSHAFT017

LiftMaster GL Replacement Board

  • Replacement Logic Board for LiftMaster Gate Operators
  • Fits Slide operator SL570 SL575 SL580 SL585 SL590 SL595
  • Fits Swing operators SW420 SW470 SW490

Micanan Brake Assembly for PRO-HHD Solenoid NOT included

  • Solenoid sold separately