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Raynor Replacement Photocells *** Discontinued

Item #: CR-2154

Manufacturer: Misc Garage Door Dock & Gate

List price: $75.00

  • The original PEC-R3 Sensors manufactured by Raynor are no longer available.
  • The CR-2154 Sensors are the only sensors currently available to replace the original PEC-R3 Sensors.
  • Includes both the Emitter and Receiver sensors
  • Includes new sensor mounting brackets. Wires are not included.
  • These sensors are slightly different and will not mount to the original PEC-R3 sensor brackets.
  • The new CR-2154 Sensors require new mounting brackets (included) to be installed
  • If there's 3 wires on one sensors and 2 wires in the other sensor then the sensors are PEC-R3 sensors.
  • Manufactured to replace the beam sensors for Raynor Opener models R-160 & R-170